May 27, 2011

time for a quicky... (post that is)

 I absolutely should not be writing this post right now.
I should be up packing my closet... or my pantry... or one of the three bathrooms... or the toy/movie closet (you get the picture) seeing as how we are moving tomorrow morning and there is still much that needs to be done. 
Actually I'm super relieved about one detail, Jon and Brady got all of the things we are putting into storage moved into the van body at my dad's office where it will all be staying! Yay!
Such a big relief, most of our big things are now closed and locked up in West Valley.
Thanks for all your help Brady!
And also thanks to Jame and Jord for helping us move boxes and baby crap into Jon's office storage! 
You are all awesome.
There are many things that I wish I could post about but I truly do not have time.
So for now I will share with you all where we will be calling home for the next few months.
Wah lah.
I just need to keep reminding myself
It will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it.
Wish us a good moving weekend and that no injuries or incidents will occur.
Have a fantastic Memorial weekend!  

May 23, 2011

I've got another one

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend, we had a pretty good one ourselves, rather long however, we helped my parents move all weekend long.
15 years in a house = a lot of stuff
Now on to moving our stuff, yay...
I am pretty confident it will be an easy move though, we are putting most of our furniture in a pod at my dad's office so there's just a few big things that need to go up to the new house but it will be cake.
 And I can't believe I agreed to it but for the time being we are putting our king bed in storage and using my queen bed... 
I will admit that my queen bed is with out a doubt the best mattress ever but with my 6'2" man that sleeps diagonally, a king is the way to go.... I will survive 
So this week is going to be a rather long week of taking loads up and down and up and down the hill (we used over a half a tank friday and saturday just going from my parents house to the new one which is a lot closer than our house to the new house)
So the reason this post is named what it is is because I have a new fart story to share. 
I can only imagine what you all are thinking... 
 We just happen to have funny fart stories ok? And I just think they are too good not to share. 
I feel like now would be a good time to explain something to you all. 
I'm not going to tell you all that our lives are perfect and everything is always hunkey dorey because what family is? I want this blog to be a reflection of our lives, along with both the ups and downs and so I am going to tell you everything that goes on in our lives whether good or bad. I want to remember what was going on in our lives at this time no matter what it is. I look at our blog as kind of a big family journal that I want everything in.
I don't do this to get the most followers or see how many hits I get on it, I do it to record our lives and memories and that's that... plus it get's to have pictures, how awesome is that?
Don't get me wrong, I love the blog world, cooking blogs, craft blogs, and getting to read all about friends and families lives, I love them all and think it's pretty dang awesome and love to share fun things and hopefully someone get's something out of it.
So now I can feel better about telling you all our fart story because it's something that I think is hilarious and want share and document :)
This morning me and Kale man were cuddling in bed cause he woke up earlier then usual and still wasn't quite awake. 
While we were cuddling, I was playing with his hair and I tooted... and remember how Kale is copying everything we do?
Well right after I did this I heard him grunt and felt his little tummy flex and he ripped a pretty dang good tootie. 
He didn't even skip a beat, as soon as he heard me toot he just had to do it too.
I was crying I was laughing so hard, and the best part was right after he tooted he busted up laughing too, he thought it was absolutely hilarious. 
I love my stinky little man, it's not gross when he toots for some reason, it's just freaking hilarious.
Whoever has little kids knows exactly what I'm talking about.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Till next time folks.

May 20, 2011

Ferg Family Lingo

Hola everyone!
Today I thought I might share a few words and nicknames that are regulars in our home so that if I repeat them in a post you will know what the heck I'm talking about.
First and foremost:
Narf- I read once that it is a word that is put in place of another word, for example:
"Jon go change Kale's narfing bum" in other words,
"Jon go change Kale's freaking bum"
Wah lah!
Narf has been around for as long as I can remember because of Jon, and no matter how hard you try it rubs off on you somehow if your around us enough, all our families say it and some friends as well, I tried for a long time to resist the narf but it just get's in there somehow. 
Other forms of narf:
Narfer- A person who is a narf
Narfing- As used earlier
Narf Hole- A really bad narfer
And other common words in the Ferguson household:
Noggleberry- Head
Squishy- Kale
Turkey- A cheeky person
Turka- A turkey
Googenheimershmit- Kale
Jew Jew Bear Bean- Can be either an endearing term or a not so endearing term, depends on the conversation
Thomas and or Mr. Thomas- Kale
Mork Forter- A narf
Messo and or Messo Soup- Kale
Fahja- Jon
 Farka- A fart
Poopaladoopala- A Kale poop
Shtinky Winky- A stinky Kale poop
Stinkala- Another stinky Kale poop
 Shnookums- A really annoying nickname that Jon hates so I use it often
Babykins- A nickname that I came up with in high school that we use for each other, I thought it was completely unique but apparently many people use it... which is lame
Conquestador- Used when something is shocking for example
"Conquestador!" could mean "Oh my heck!"
Ricta- Nickname for Kale used by Jon
Belvadeer- A person that is type of deer that is also a narf
Raptillion- A person that relates to a reptile, used as an insult 
(we hate reptiles in this house)
Rapscallion- Another form of Raptillion
Shmorgasboard- A person that is a narfer for example
"Your such a shmorgasboard!" could mean "Your such a narfer!"
Bokliva- Nickname for Kale used by Jon
Kalericvonliktenstein- Kale 
Dooseldorf- Jon or Kale
Doofenshmirtz and or Doof- Kale
Deefen Derfer- Nickname for Kale used by Rachel
Turd- Usually refers to Kale for being a turkey can also apply to Jon
Honey Bear Bee- A nickname I use for Kale that Jon absolutely hates because he says it sounds like honey barbie
Now time for a little Kale Slang:
HairDada and or HairDa- Where's dada?
Ahoy-a- Where did it go?
Ba- Ball
Mimi- .... Still trying to figure that one out
B! B!- Blue Blankie
Bebe- Baby
Brrrrrrrmmmmm- Car
Pease Pease- Please
Na-na- Londyn
And there you have it, a little insight to what is said on a daily basis in the Ferg house.

May 19, 2011

Can't get enough

You all know that I'm a little obsessed with Queen correct? 
I just can't get enough of them, I am dying for some new cd's of theirs.
As of lately this song has been my obsession
It is such a beautiful song, I am just in love with it.
And this...
And this...
And of course a little of this...
Ok I'm done I promise, just thought that some good music could brighten this rainy day, it sure does for me.

May 16, 2011

the amazing adventures of mr. thomas and babykins a.k.a batman and robin

If you haven't caught on by now, Kale is obsessed with his dad.
Every day when Jon gets home from work Kale squeals and runs as fast as he can to get to daddy. Every day when Kale wakes up he runs around the house screaming DAD!!! To see if daddy is home.
And he very well should be obsessed with his daddy, cause he's the awesomest dad ever.
 Kale has turned into daddy's little copycat. 
Everything and I mean everything Jon does,  Kale is sure to follow.
Jon puts his arms behind his head, Kale puts his arms behind his head.
Jon coughs, Kale coughs. Literally. Kale is constantly watching daddy to see what he does so he can do it to, it's really cute.
Anyways, you get the point.
I love watching them play together, nothing melts my heart more then seeing them wrestling and having fun together.
Kale is totally daddy's little mini me. 

I really could go on for days about their adventures and all the fun little things that they do together.
The other night I was upstairs and Jon told me to come down so that he could show me something. 
I go down and this is what I come upon.

We have a ton of boxes for packing just laying around and Jon decided to make a fort out of a few of them, "the boy's cave" I believe is what it was called, because Kale isn't a "man" quite yet.
I was actually pretty shocked at how sweet it was, it was pretty big inside and you could stand almost all the way up. 

Kale was obsessed with it to say the least.
 There were no girls allowed a.k.a no mommy's allowed. :)
However, I was allowed in for a quick tour given by Kale man, well actually I was dragged in there by Kale.
 He, no they would have played in there all night if I would have let them.
Can you see Kale man?
This was the sniper hole where they could shoot from without being seen, oh ya this thing was elaborate.
 Since he's been born they've been inseparable. 
I love my boys so much, thank you for making me so happy.

Bob Harper's green health smoothie

Hello everyone,
It's been a while! (like a week) but it feels far too long. 
We have been super busy this past week, cleaning at the new house, and packing at ours.
To be honest I cannot believe that I am sitting here blogging when I should be upstairs packing my closet, so I will make it quick.
I saw this smoothie on Studio 5 a while ago and I've wanted to try it for a while now.
This drink is like a super drink, blueberries, spinach, and kale, which of course makes it awesome. 
I thought it was pretty yummy, let's be honest it's no Keva but for how much awesomeness is in it it's pretty great.
 1 cup fresh kale :)
1 cup frozen spinach
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 a banana
1/2 frozen pineapple
20 oz. water
Throw it all into a blender and enjoy.
Do yourself a favor and blend it very well. 
A few changes I made to ours is I didn't have any pineapple and so I put frozen mango's instead, I added 2 packets of truvia to sweeten it up a bit and two ice cubes.
Jon's comment on it was "next time I'll just go get some grass trimmings and eat that"
But let's be honest my sweet husband can be kind of an exaggerator at times, it really is pretty good.  
Want to know the best part?
Guess who was absolutely in love it
 He drank most of daddies.
There is also a version with supplements in it if you want that click here
I would definitely recommend trying it! If you do let me know what you think.
And guess what, I did this post in 13 minutes, so I don't feel to guilty about it. :)

May 10, 2011

Mother's Day(s)

Hello everyone, first off let me just start out by saying that in case you couldn't tell I haven't exactly been in the best of moods this past week and I feel the need to apologize for some reason.
I feel like all I have done the past week is complain and I'm sorry you all had to read about it.
It finally hit me that the reason I have been ms. grumpy pants because I have been thinking about myself way to much.  
It's funny after I realized this and Kale was asleep, I sat down at the computer for a sec and was reading a friends blog and she had put a quote up that totally hit home for me.
Its from the amazing Gordon B. Hinkley
"forget yourself, and go to work"
He was such an amazing man.
And thank you Melissa for sharing that quote, it was totally what I was looking for, and most definitely what I needed to hear. 
Needless to say, I got out of my head so to speak and guess what? No more bad mood.
It amazes me how the Lord always knows what I need, and I am so grateful for it.

I had an amazing mother's day this year.
 When I woke up on mothers day Jon told me to come downstairs. I came down, and there was a huge bouquet of the most beautiful flowers waiting for me on the counter.
Pictures of flowers never do them justice. 
Also with the flowers was a card that Jon recorded a little sweet voice message for me when you open it... I love that man.
How cool are cards getting these days?
We went to Jord's homecoming in the morning and he did such an awesome job, I love being able to listen to all our friends when they get home and see how much they have changed (and stayed the same). Then we went over to his house for a brunch and man it was delicious. 
After that we went home and all three of us just passed out, Kale slept for almost four hours and me and Jon slept for over two. Why do Sunday's always make you so sleepy?

That night we had a dinner with all of my family which was lots of fun.
Thank you mom for everything you do and helping me be a better mom every day! 
I love you!
Thank you to my wonderful mother in law for the great example you are to me!
I love you!
And thank you to my grandma's, my sister, sister in law's and all the other amazing mothers I have around me who are such wonderful examples to me, and good mothers, I love you all!
We didn't get to see Jon's mom because they are in Georgia visiting Jon's sister.

Monday night Jon took me out to dinner to celebrate mothers day. 
We had tried to go all week before the actual mothers day but we had something going on every single night, so we opted for the day after. 
He took me to Cheesecake Factory, one of my absolute favorites. 
This is what Jon got
Guess it's a good thing he has a big mouth.
And this is what I got
 Fish taco's :) they were so freaking yummy
I don't know about you but I don't think it's enough food...
 So we were sitting there talking and trying to breath after dinner and Jon all of the sudden clears his throat very loudly and very specifically looks down at the table and there was a little box...
I felt like a dork, I never even saw that he had placed the box on the table, or that it was there after, he said that it was there for a while before he finally told me, I was just too busy blabbering away at him... You stealthy man you
So I open it up and it is a beautiful necklace :)

Ah I LOVE it, I wish I had taken some better pictures of it.
It's an amethyst, which is the gemstone for February which was when my Kale man was born :)
How awesome is my husband? He picked it out all by himself.
I told him forever ago that I really wanted a long necklace with Kale's birth month stone in it and he must have stored my comment away for a very long time, I really can't believe he remembered. It's all white gold so it will last me forever and I can add to it as we have more kids. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging and trying to show off, I'm just so proud of him and I love it so much! 
Ok... maybe I am bragging... just a little though.
I love that man so stinking much, he spoils me freaking rotten and I don't deserve it.
Didn't he do good? I absolutely love it, and seriously, the best mothers day present I could ever ask for, something that represents my precious little man.
 Thank you so much sweetie, I love you more then you know!
And you really need to stop spoiling me!
We had a really great mothers day, I would definitely say best yet. :)

May 9, 2011

Can I just say

I hate bad spellers.
Correction, I don't actually hate them, I just hate it that they can't spell a word correctly. 
I know it sounds rude but it just drives me insane! 
Just right click on the bloody word to see if you spelled it right! 
I know that lots of times it's just an accident and they miss it but when they do it more then once and your sitting there going, really? You don't know how do spell that?
Come on, let's try just a smidgen harder please. 
So I am BEGGING all of you, if I ever spell something wrong PLEASE tell me.
Wow I sound so evil right now but it's just one of my stupid pet peeves that I can't help. 
Also when people chew like cows with their mouth's going side to side. Oh ya that is definitely in the number one slot.
Thanks for letting me rant and rave once again to you all.


Alright well, I must admit to you all what a failure I am. 
Ya know how I told you I would post pictures of Ash and Fell's wedding?
Ya well that's not going to happen. I am a loser and completely forgot my camera ALL DAY.
So no pics from me but I'm sure Ash will be posting some soon enough that will be a lot better then any pics I would have taken. 
I will give you a little recap of their big day though. 
The day started out with a brunch at the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial building, the food was delicious and they played a really cute video of them, with pics of them growing up and Ash and Fell telling how they met and dated and such.
Then it was the sealing at the Salt Lake Temple, which was beautiful.
Followed by pictures then we got Kale from my mom's and headed up to the Feller's.
Wow that place was so beautifully decorated, they sure did an amazing job. 
Ash of course looked amazing all day, the reception was so much fun, there was dancing, friends and great food. 
Thank you guys so much for letting us be apart of your big day, we love you and congratulations!

May 6, 2011

Birfday Weekend

It was my birfday last week, woohoo I'm legal! 
So I had been shopping seriously all week trying to find certain things without much success.
Thursday morning I woke up to Kneaders french toast mmmmm. 
I have the best/cutest/sweetest husband ever.
And if you have never had Kneaders french toast, do yourself a favor, stop reading this post grab your keys and go to Kneaders, I promise you will be thankful you did, this french toast is one of the best thing's I've put in my mouth. 
Then my mom and sister took me to Kohls, again no luck at finding what I needed then we met up with Jon and had lunch at Wingers.
That afternoon we headed out to Fashion Place mall to search some more, and guess what? 
No success. 
We had dinner with all my family at California Pizza Kitchen :) I was fed very well all day.
Thank you everyone for coming and thanks for dinner dad! I love my family.
Then I rushed back to Bountiful to make it to my volleyball game.
When I got home all our friends were at our house waiting for me, you guys are all awesome and I love you all! 
My cute husband put it all together for me, and Jord even made me a brownie cake! 
I have the best husband and friends ever. 
So we opened presents and ate some brownies :)
 This was Kale man at dinner sittin in the booster seat on the floor?
 Friday we had a little bachelorette party for Ash.
Me, Ash, Karin, Jame, Brooke and Kale went to Chili's for some grub. Then came back to our place and hung out for a bit. It wasn't much of a party but we all had fun.
Saturday I opened my presents from my parents, guess what! I got a curling iron! I can now curl my hair!
Then that night we went out to dinner with Ben and Karin (to Chili's again) then everyone came over and we all played games, it was a really fun night and a great birfday weekend. 
Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved. 
And thank you Jon for everything, I love you so much.

Crabby Pants

I'm kind of cranky today you guys.
It's been one of those weeks where stupid people just keep coming in all directions.
And I just don't have the patience I should for these people. 
I know I need to work on patience, I pray for patience with Kale, patience with my husband, and patience for people that I really just want to give a piece of my mind to.
And at the same time I wish I had the guts to say to people what I'm really thinking and what is going through my head.
I really try to not let people get to me and just shrug things off but every once in a while after everything's been all bottled up it explodes (and it's usually on my poor husband even though he's not the one making me so frustrated, I'm sorry babe!) I love you.
I'm sorry you guys I just really needed to get that out and off my chest and boy oh boy does it feel good, my blog is kind of like a journal in many ways so you guys get to share all my rantings and ravings. Lucky you
Did anyone else make new years resolutions this year?
One of the many things I chose to try and work on is to speak my mind and tell people what I'm really thinking, usually I just shut down and don't say anything at all. 
I've really been working on it but I know I need to be a lot better at it.
Anyways thanks for listening, even if you just skipped over this post I still feel better :)
On to bigger and better things!
Our amazing friends Fell and Ash are getting married TOMORROW!
I can't wait, it's going to be such an amazing and beautiful day, and pictures will surely follow.
And guess what, my good friend Chelsea is also getting married tomorrow! I can't wait to see all these beautiful brides! It's going to be quite the day tomorrow! And they are both getting married in the temple, how awesome is that?
In other news, we are moving! I know that most everyone knows this already, so it's not too exciting. Yesterday we found out that we have to be out out by May 31. Holy narf.
It hadn't hit me till yesterday that it's coming so soon (like three weeks and three days) and we haven't started packing a single thing. 
My parents are moving into a bigger house and we are moving into the basement for a few months so that we can save up for a down payment on a house.
We will have two bedrooms a bathroom and a kitchen, I'm so grateful that they are letting us do this, it's going to help us so much.
The thing is they haven't closed on that house yet so they still aren't sure of the move in date which means that come May 31 we might be homeless for a while, fun right? 
I'm becoming a little stress basket. 
I guess I shall part with you with a few pics of Kale at the park the other day. Its actually not a park, it's Boulton Elementary's playground 
(I think it's Boulton? the school that's right above our apartments on the corner?)
Anyways the playground we go to is the one for the kindergarten kids so its perfect for Kale cause the slides aren't too big, there's nothing he can't walk on and it's easy to get on to. My favorite thing about it is there is never anyone there, we go there all the time and we are always alone, it's so nice, and so close.
We just can't get enough of this sunshine.