Dec 28, 2011

Christmas is coming

 I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!
Our 4th Christmas together was one of the best yet.
We started the festivities on Friday and have been having fun since.
Jon took this whole week off so we are just having so much fun being together all day.
We weren't very smart with pictures this year, we took about a zillion pictures between my phone, Jon's phone, our camera, and now our (new) camcorder (YAY!) 
So I have four devices that I need to get all of our Christmas festivities off of and organized, and I haven't wanted to spend much time on the computer cause I would much rather be hanging with my boys.
So I may not be getting around to posting about the Holiday's till next week.
If I don't, I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's and stay up way to late!
Till next time.

Dec 22, 2011

my favorite breakfast

 Ok so Jon absolutely hates my favorite breakfast but I love it so I'm still going to share it.
I actually got this idea from Mrs. Pennington in 8th grade.
I loved that lady, she was the best teacher ever. 
I had her first period and she was always eating this weird concoction that looked yummy so one day I asked her what the heck it was she was eating, went home and tried it and I've been eating it ever since.
What you will need:
 grape nuts cereal
a banana... maybe a more happy looking banana than mine
yogurt of your choice, I've tried different flavors but my favorite is Key Lime Pie
Pour about a cup of grape nuts into bowl, slice banana over cereal, pour yogurt over banana's, add milk and your golden.
 The thing I love most about this breakfast is it keeps you full for a long time, so you can make it to lunch without chowing down on other things. And not to mention it's good for you, unlike most breakfast foods and cereals out there.

Dec 18, 2011

well that was embarrassing

Saturday I was at the gym doing the elliptical, and watching tv on the small personal screen of the machine, with my headphones plugged into it.
Then this commercial came on that I had never seen before...
Stupid commercial.
I couldn't help it, and I busted out laughing hysterically. 
Soon after, I realized that pretty much everyone in the gym was staring at me. No doubt wondering if I had lost my mind... even the people in front of me turned around to stare.
I felt so stupid, and the best part is I couldn't stop laughing for a good 30 seconds... Even though everyone was gawking at me.
Freaking pregnancy hormones.
They haven't been bad at all till very recently, but all of the sudden I can't control my emotions.
Needless to say when I got done with my workout I booked it out of there trying very hard not to look at anyone directly.
Once I was in the car I decided that at least I was just laughing, and that I hadn't started crying at some absurd thing.
That probably would have been a lot more embarrassing.
And whats worse is it's such a stupid commercial, yet every time I see it I can't help from busting up.
What a fun day at the gym.
Thanks pregnancy hormones for making feel like a crazy lady!
Till next time.

Dec 16, 2011

tis the season

I love Christmas.
I can't believe it's in just 9 days.
And I love walking into my home and smelling Christmas. 
(thank you Scentsy)
Last weekend we went to Temple Square to see the lights.
It was the first time just us three went, and we had a ball.
It was absolutely freezing and we were only there for about a half an hour but it was totally worth it.
 For some reason our house was the garbage and leaf collector after the big storm.
Our backyard had so many leaves in it.
Jon and Kale went out and cleaned up the yard for a good 3 hours, Kale had a blast being outside with dad.
He was absolutely filthy afterward but he had so much fun it was totally worth the dirt and grime.
This is him playing in just one of the gigantic piles of leaves Jon raked up.
Baby is doing great. 
I have a feeling he's going to be a big boy.
When I was pregnant with Kale he was always in my back but with number two he is always so up front, it's weird how pregnancy differs.
26 weeks!
Come Christmas Day I will be in the third trimester, woot woot!
I've had a lot of fun decorating our house this year.
And I love our midget tree. It looks even smaller in our house with the super tall ceiling but I don't care, it's my midget tree and I love it.
Don't judge.
I can't wait to bake these bad boys. 
It's disgusting how good they are.
 Till next time!

Dec 9, 2011

get here March

 March is going to be a pretty dang awesome month.
Firstly because little man will be arriving.
(well, at least he better still be in their cooking till March)
I can't wait to meet him.
Secondly because it's Jonathan's Birthday on the 27th. 
22 years old... What an old fart.
And thirdly because I just finished reading book one of The Hunger Games and the movie is out March 23rd.
And dare I say it I might be even more excited for it then Twilight. 
Oh yes I said it.
It's going to be quite the month.
I can't wait.
Me, my madre, Kale and Londyn headed over to the Dickens Festival today to get a picture with Father Christmas a.k.a Santa Claus.
We get a Santa picture every year with Kale and Londy and last years pic didn't turn out so good... Kale was terrified of Santa and was screaming the entire time.
So this year I have been amp-ing Santa up, talking about him, telling Kale how nice he is, and that on Christmas morning Santa will bring him presents etc.
I was nervous going in to see how Kale would react to him but as soon as he saw Santa he got SO excited and wanted to go see him.
He ran straight up to him, hopped on his lap and kept saying "HO HO HO!"
Then he'd look at me "MOMMA! It's HO HO!" pointing to Santa.
It made my day to say the least. 
Till next time.