Apr 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

We are big time Easter losers this year.
We didn't get anything at all, even for Kale man, I know we are failures.
Ok I take that back, we did get Kale man a really cute Easter outfit but no baskets or any other goodies.
We just figured that 
A- He won't remember anyways
B- He has absolutely no clue what Easter is or that it is Easter
C- All the candy that we would buy to put in his basket we would just end up eating
But we are still losers I know
Next year we will start baskets 
So we went over to Mazee's house for dinner and for an egg hunt
Woohoo! At least we did something Easter-ie right? 
(thanks to my family)
Dinner was amazing as it always is with my family, and of course there was enough food to feed a small army. I was in charge of the Acini De Pepi Salad this year I had never made one before but it's ridiculously easy and unbelievably delicious. 
When my mom called me to tell me what I was supposed to make I just kept going
what? huh? what? Mom I don't understand what the freak you are saying! 
finally after saying acini de pepi about 10 times she just said a frog eye salad! 
...light bulb! 
Well why the heck didn't you just say frog eye salad in the narfing first place!
Anyways, I don't know why I felt so inclined to share that story with you
 Kale loved the egg hunt, he understood what he was supposed to do after about the second egg.
 Best picture ever
 Daddy helping Kale man get hot wheels out of the trees
Kale likes taking pictures just about as much as dad
 Kale loves uncle Josh
Even though we are losers we still had a really great Easter, and Kale had a ton of fun which is all that matters.
And in case your wondering the the heck happened to my child's head, no I did not beat him which apparently the first assumption everyone comes to, he decided to superman jump into the corner of our coffee table Sunday morning. Apparently he decided he should have an egg on his head to go with the Easter theme.
Oh and that puppy in all the videos is named Cudi, he's Josh and Chelsea's new baby, cutest dog ever? Pretty much ya

Friday at the Aquarium

Here I go at catching up on postesess. 
Friday Jon took the day off of work, and worked on Known things for most of the day, I love it when he's home with me and Kale, we have so much fun.
In the afternoon we went to the living planet aquarium in Sandy with my family.
I've been there once while I was preggers with Kale and Jon had never been there and I was excited to go with my guys.
Kale had the time of his life, he loved being able to run around looking at everything and not being strapped into a stroller the whole time. We need to find more places like this for kids that has a lot of hands on activities. 
We discovered our kid is kind of wimpy, he got scared at a couple of things like the penguins but after a couple minutes he got used to them and loved them. 
I'm really glad we made the treck out to 106th south, I had a great time and I know that Jon and Kale man did too. 
Here are a couple of the pics from our field trip
 You can pet these guys, they gross me out
 I LOVE making him take pictures with me
 We will most definitely be visiting this place again!

Apr 26, 2011


I have so many things that I need to post about right now, but I just don't have time. 
(and I'm kind of not in the mood for a huemassive long post)
I totally could have posted yesterday but I just wasn't feeling it. 
So I'll just wait another day to post about our weekend festivities and such.
Oh and want to know something great? Jon's best friend Jord gets home today :)
Jon is so excited, last night while driving home we were talking about the last time that Jord came over to our house to say goodbye and how it seemed like it would be an eternity before we saw him again, but holy crap time sure does fly. 
Part of our conversation went a little like this:
Me: " I can't believe he gets home tomorrow, remember how you cried when he left our house?"
Jon: "I DID NOT CRY!!!!"
Me: " Oh my, yes you did"
Jon: " Emily don't lie, you know I didn't cry"
Me: " Ok, you might not have been actually crying but your eyes got all teary"
Jon: " Whatever........ Liar."
He totally cried
Get what else I get to do today, Jon is taking me birthday shopping, I'm pretty excited about it. 
This is a pic from our weekend, I'll share more soon

Apr 20, 2011

of course!

Yesterday me, my mom, Kale and Londy set out to find some Easter outfits :)
We headed over to Fashion Place, (my favorite mall) to see what we could find. 
I had already pretty much found what I wanted to get Kale while me and Jon were at the Carter's outlet up in Park City over the weekend so that's where we headed to first. 
I was very happy to find that they had the sizes I needed because they didn't in PC.  
I was walking around looking at all the many things I could so easily get for Kale and spotted something...
It just like jumped out at me, I was so sad! It was a swimming suit... that I liked better then the one we got on Saturday, like a lot better.
After a long time of debating whether to get it and take his other one I just bought back, we decided that he just needed it, we're pathetic I know, it's a serious problem.
So here it is, let me know what you think, a good choice?
And the one we got the other day
I love them both to be honest and Jon's comment was 
"why not just keep them both?"
Which I must admit sounds very appealing, what 2 year old doesn't need three swimsuits right?...... 
sensing the sarcasm?
He has one from last year that fits him still so that's where the 3 come from. 
My reasoning behind this is that it's not like they will just sit in his drawer, we are constantly boating between our two families and we are going to Lake Powell and we go to Bear Lake at least twice every year so they will most definitely get worn, so why not right?
I can't believe that I have sat here explaining to you all my dilemma over a swimsuit... I'm sorry. 
I know, I have issues, I'm working on it :) sort of
OH! Another plus about this swimsuit! So if you look closely, there's a little patch on the bottom of the left leg and it is sewn upside down so the lady gave us and extra 20% off the already 20%! Pretty sweet eh? I thought so, and who the heck cares about a little upside down patch? Definitely not me.
Plus plus! They only had it in a 3T which means (I'm hoping) that this will fit him next summer. Cross your fingers, he's growing like a weed right now, all the shoes he got for Christmas barely fit him, it's quite an ordeal to shove his shoes on. 
Ok I'm done ranting about Kale's swimsuits, I promise. 
And don't worry I won't be offended if you didn't read this post because you think it's absurd I posted about my sons swimsuit.
Oh ok one more thing, look what else we got :)
 He's kind of obsessed with them, I love it.

Apr 18, 2011

Ash's Shower

These are a couple of pics from Ash's shower.
It was fun to see everyone there.
Me and Karin went in on a gift together, the theme of the shower was hour shower so we did a little basket of afternoon delight things te he is was great.

Sorry there aren't better pics but it's all I have. Congrats again Ash I can't wait for you guys to tie the knot!

the boys

This past weekend was such a great weekend, we had so much fun.
So for me it started on Thursday night with a volleyball game, it's so much fun to be playing with girls from school again, we just sit and laugh the whole time. 
Then Friday morning I went to volleyball again but with different people, we get together every Friday morning at a church and everyone brings they're little kids and they all just run around the halls while we play, it's great. 
Jon got off early on Friday cause his boss left so he did too haha so we decided to go walk around the Gateway for a bit. It was so nice out (shocking right?) we walked around for quite a while going in and out of stores then we got some Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which Jon said was the best ice cream he's ever had, and mine was exceptionally delicious as well, and went and sat by the fountain. Kale loved watching all the kids running through it so we kind of let him run through it too, it wasn't warm enough for him to get totally drenched. 
I'm so sad, I got my camera out to record them running through and my camera was having a retard moment so this was all I got :(
Saturday we woke up and cleaned for a while then decided to do P90X so we wouldn't have to get a babysitter and go to the gym. Kale loves it when we work out at home, he tries to do the moves with us, (tries being the key word here) it's so cute, not to mention he was naked which made it 10x cuter. After we had been doing it for a while he must have gotten tuckered out cause he just plopped down on the couch and put a blankey over him.
Then we put him down for a nap, showered and made some lunch and when he woke up we decided it was time for a hair cut. 
We just use a buzzer? I don't know what they're called put we just put an extension thing on it so it's not a total buz. So Kale's sitting there naked in an empty tub, not happy to boot, and while we're cutting his hair and our cutters die. Perfect! So I haul butt up to my parents run in don't say a word to anybody and grab they're cutters and book it back home, poor guy he was not very happy about it hahaha. 
I didn't realize how long his hair was till we were done, doesn't that look like a ton of hair from a little head? It did to me.
Once we were done we headed up to Park City.
We went to the outlet mall and guess what! Hallelujah joy to the world I found some board shorts! I seriously have been looking for years for a pair of board shorts that aren't so short your buttcheeks hang out the bottom, I'm so excited! We also found Kale man a really cute swimsuit at Carter's, ah I could spend wayyyy too much money at that store, it's a good thing Jon was with me cause I probably would have gone over board. We were up there walking around for quite a while, I love it up there. 
Both of the boys got hair cuts, pretty cute eh?
Then we decided on Red Rock for dinner. Mmmm best fish and chips ever. I love that place way to much for how pricey it is (40 bucks before the tip is a lot to me ok?)

 I am so thankful for phones with the internet, seriously it's like our life savor, Kale is HATING his car seat lately for some reason. Like serious temper tantrums if he's in there for a while so we just whip out Jon's phone and turn on some Word World and he's set, it's so freaking nice.
So once we got home we of course had to have a little fashion show and have Kale try on his new swimsuit, I'm so glad we got it
 Then we all got in our pj's and made a huge bed in our living room downstairs, got all cuddled in, and turned on a movie, Kale loved it. We used every single blanket we have, it was actually really comfy.
 We watched Dinosaur, which was unbelievably boring but Kale enjoyed it. Then we put him down for the night and Jon went and got us Orange Leaf :) and we watched Pearl Harbor.
It was one of the best weekends I've had in a while, it was so nice and fun to hang out with my boys, just us three.

Apr 13, 2011

Killer Queen

Word up, it's word girl
Does anyone on this planet besides me ever watch that show? 
I wouldn't if Kale didn't enjoy it, I don't even like it for that matter, Word World is much much more interesting,  but anyways, I have had the opening song stuck in my head all freaking morning long and I'm seriously going insane.
So, want to know my fix? Some Queen :) 
Queen just makes your whole day better. 
Do you have a band that you grew up with? Queen is mine, and I know my brothers and sister would agree with me. They remind me of driving to Bear Lake with all of us shoved into a car, blasting Queen singing at the top of our lungs. 
Much like this, aka one of the best movie scenes ever. 
   I am in love with Freddie Mercury's voice, it's so amazing and unique, it's so sad that he died young... Just think of all the amazing songs that could be here today. And ya, I know what he died of and that some people refuse to listen to their music because of the things he did and that's fine, that's their choice and I respect it but I don't feel like just because of what they did in their personal life is reason to not listen to them.
 It's one thing if their song lyrics are bad but their songs are 99% clean, especially compared to what is out there today. Their songs are happy, upbeat, and make you feel good. I don't have to go explore his life and the things he did, I can listen to his music and enjoy it, and not try to find hidden meanings behind the lyrics, I take them for what they are. That the man wanted to ride a freaking bicycle mmmk? 
Don't worry I'm off my soap box now. 
Anyways, I think Queen is with out a doubt one of the greatest bands of all time. 
There are too many amazing songs to share that are my favorite but as of lately I'm pretty in love with don't stop me now.

Apr 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

No, this is not going to become an every Thursday kind of thing (even though it could, I have MANY things to be thankful for) I'm just feeling very grateful for all of my blessings today and thought I should share just one. 
Today I'm grateful for my mom, she is the best mom in the whole wide world. 
She has always been the biggest support in every single thing I do/have done, even when they aren't the best/smartest things. 
I know I can always count on her and that she will always be there for me. 
Another great thing about my mom? She is an amazing grandma to Kale man and Londy loo and I know she loves them unconditionally.
Yep, I have an awesomely amazing mom, I love you, and thank you for all you do for me and my family!

Apr 6, 2011

Kale's Favorite Things

Here are a few thing that our little man loves, for today that is.
 hats of all kinds, especially mixing bowls
 obsessed with grahams and Tangled
all he plays with all day every day
juice boxes
he loves so much to play with all his cousins
the toy closet... It never looks like this, 99% of the time all these are strewn about our house
jogging/going on walks with mommy and daddy
life jackets and swimming....not
running around naked (I didn't have a recent picture of this unfortunately)
and of course mommy and daddy