Dec 21, 2010

My Favorite Things

                                                                    These two top the list
                                                               Aren't they cute?
I love this guy
And This Guy
 -More to come 

Dec 20, 2010

It really is the most wonderful time of the year...

My first ever post! How exciting! So I think I better start out explaining a little bit as to why I decided to start blogging. First off my amazing husband and best friend in the entire world Jon has been pestering me about starting one for some time now. Ever since we got married I have loved cooking and baking and I had an idea in my head for a while and decided to tell Jon one day. I would love to open up a bakery/cafe some day. I just think it would be such an amazing and fun experience plus I am surrounded by AMAZING cooks and bakers that I can learn so much from. Well since this idea isn't going to be happening anytime in the near future (no thanks to Kneaders) Jon had the great idea of blogging all my recipes to get started and to share them with people. 
Another reason is some great friends suggested it to me and they said it is an awesome way of keeping memories of our life. Since I'm not the best journal writer.. ok since I never write in my journal I thought this would be a great way to sort of substitute it. (Don't worry I will still try to write in my journal) So I don't have a theme for the blog really it's a lot of things all mixed into one and don't mind the name, I just could not think of one and I didn't have patience to sit there and think of a different one.
So for the time being please excuse the uggliness (yep that's a word) of my blog. I made a deal with Jon that if he would make it for me and make it all cute ( I just don't have patience for that stuff) I would update it and do all that, so till he has time it's ugly. I just have to let you know I have the cutest little man on my lap right now and even though he just bashed my phone into my forehead I still love him.
So the reason for the title of this post is for many reasons but mostly because I think now more than any time of the year people are more thankful for their blessings. I know I am, I cannot even begin to explain to you how blessed I am and I am realizing it more and more every day. I am so grateful for my family and friends and what amazing people they all are and I love them so freaking much. I truely don't know what I would do without all of the amazing people in my life. Anywho I could go on all day about my life and everything in it but it is bathtime for the Kale man, so for the time being, Merry Christmas!