May 6, 2011

Birfday Weekend

It was my birfday last week, woohoo I'm legal! 
So I had been shopping seriously all week trying to find certain things without much success.
Thursday morning I woke up to Kneaders french toast mmmmm. 
I have the best/cutest/sweetest husband ever.
And if you have never had Kneaders french toast, do yourself a favor, stop reading this post grab your keys and go to Kneaders, I promise you will be thankful you did, this french toast is one of the best thing's I've put in my mouth. 
Then my mom and sister took me to Kohls, again no luck at finding what I needed then we met up with Jon and had lunch at Wingers.
That afternoon we headed out to Fashion Place mall to search some more, and guess what? 
No success. 
We had dinner with all my family at California Pizza Kitchen :) I was fed very well all day.
Thank you everyone for coming and thanks for dinner dad! I love my family.
Then I rushed back to Bountiful to make it to my volleyball game.
When I got home all our friends were at our house waiting for me, you guys are all awesome and I love you all! 
My cute husband put it all together for me, and Jord even made me a brownie cake! 
I have the best husband and friends ever. 
So we opened presents and ate some brownies :)
 This was Kale man at dinner sittin in the booster seat on the floor?
 Friday we had a little bachelorette party for Ash.
Me, Ash, Karin, Jame, Brooke and Kale went to Chili's for some grub. Then came back to our place and hung out for a bit. It wasn't much of a party but we all had fun.
Saturday I opened my presents from my parents, guess what! I got a curling iron! I can now curl my hair!
Then that night we went out to dinner with Ben and Karin (to Chili's again) then everyone came over and we all played games, it was a really fun night and a great birfday weekend. 
Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved. 
And thank you Jon for everything, I love you so much.

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