Mar 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

This past weekend was Jonathan's big 21 Birthday! Woohoo!
We started out the celebrating on Friday night and partied all the way through Sunday.
Friday: I went and got a few presents so that I could surprise Jon with a couple things that he didn't know he was getting. Then after he got home from the gym I took him on a surprise shopping trip, I think he was just as excited as I was and we had a lot of fun. 
We went to good ole' Kohl's. I love that place, it's always a hit or miss for me (most of the time a miss) but Jon always finds great stuff there. It was so nice to get him clothes, he was in desperate need of some. I haven't gotten him a Birthday present since we were 18, and not because I haven't wanted to/begged and pleaded to, he just wouldn't let me. I know what the heck right?
So after being at Kohl's for a very very long time we came home and went out to dinner to Pizza Factory :) mmmmm.. 
We met up with Feller, Ben, Brady and Brooke. It was really fun and of course delicious and full of carbs.
Then we headed back to our place and played games till 2 freaking a.m. it was really fun.
Saturday: We woke up and had a big breakfast then we took Kale man up to my mom's and went to a movie. It was SO nice to go to a movie, I'm not going to lie, I miss going to movies all the time. We saw Limitless which I would highly recommend, it was freaking awesome. 
Then we walked around Gateway for quite a while which also was so nice, even though it was freezing and neither of us geniuses had a jacket with us. We were so close to buying some Jelly Fish shirts at Hot Topic, Jon got a picture of me holding one up on his phone, I'll have to share it with you sometime, I'm really regretting not buying them. 
That night we went to dinner with Brady, Brooke, Karin and Ben at Salt City Burger Co. I'd never been there before, it's really yummy and we were all stuffed to the rafters. 
Then we all went to my parents house while they were at the Jazz game and played ping pong. Ash, Fell, Ben, and Topher met us up there too, and Kale man got to play with Londy.
After that we went and got lot's of treats at Smith's and went and played games at our place till 2 a.m. again, it was a really great night.
Sunday: We didn't make it to our 11 o'clock church, we didn't even open our eyes till after 11 because of the past 2 a.m. nights. So, the Birthday boy requested his favorite breakfast, cream eggs on toast to which I happily obliged.
Then we didn't do anything for most of the day, just watched a movie, it was great. That night we went to Jon's parents for a minute to say hi and check out there basement they're re-doing. Then we headed up to my mom's for dinner.
My entire family on my mom's side was there and it was a lot of fun, we haven't all been together in a long time. We played more ping pong and opened presents and ate way to much cake. 
I have to tell you all that I am a failure at life and I didn't take a SINGLE picture of the entire weekend! So much for my new years resolution. I did get some of Jon opening present's on my mom's camera that I will share as soon as I can. I'm so mad at myself.
Anyways, I really hope he had a great Birthday weekend! I know me and Kale man had fun hanging out with him all weekend. Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you!

he thinks he's funny

Today at breakfast Kale discovered a new trick that I have honestly been dreading for him to figure out.
He found out that if you blow into a straw instead of suck it makes bubbles and shoots milk everywhere! Yay! 
He thought it was absolutely hilarious so I let him do it for a sec and I whipped out my camera
  It's so funny the things that he picks up on and remembers. Forever ago when we were teaching him mama and dada we would pat our chests and I'd say "mama" and Jon would say "dada"
Today I was standing in the kitchen and Kale walks around the corner patting his chest  going "mama mama mama mama" it made me laugh, it was just so funny because he's been saying mama and dada forever but he's never done that before.
It just makes you realize that when you think they aren't listening to a word you say, they actually are and they will remember it too.

Mar 22, 2011

this is kale

This is what I get to play with every single day, how lucky am I?
In case you were wondering what he is doing when I ask him how old he is, he hasn't figured out how to hold up just 2 fingers yet so instead he crosses them.
And in the beginning of the second video it sounded like Jon was coming in, that's why he got excited and kept looking at the door. And don't mind my noises, he kept jabbing his elbow into my ribs.

Yep, I'm one blessed girl. 

Mar 21, 2011

Day Dreamin

I'm having a moment, I've really tried not to complain about the weather and how lame it is but I can't refrain any longer. I am so stinking sick of stupid snow and rain and cold and coats and closed toe shoes I could die. 
I sit and day dream about hot sunny days and sitting outside soaking up some vitamin D. 
thinking and wishing of sunnier days like these

Mar 15, 2011

Brady and Brooke's Wedding

I've been really excited to do this post cause it was such a beautiful/fun day and of course cause they're our bestest best buds.
The day started out with the ceremony which was so so gorgeous. Jon was Brady's best man so he went to the reception place a couple hours early so they could all do pictures. And I got there about a half an hour before the ceremony started. The whole reception area was so cutely decorated, Brooke's sister did the whole thing. I loved her colors, they were yellow and grey, so freaking cute.
The ceremony was beautiful I think just about everyone cried, I'll never tell if I did though :) 
This was right before the ceremony started
Everyone getting ready :)
First kiss as hubby and wife! WOO WOO
Yep, bestest best buds right there
I love this woman, and her dress was absolutely stunning
Jon and Brady... That says it all
After the ceremony we went to Joy Luck for a luncheon. I would just like to say thank you to Brady and Brooke for choosing to go there, it makes me happy.
But sadly my camera died right after their ceremony so no pics of the luncheon, I'm just grateful it lasted as long as it did. 
After the luncheon we went home for a little bit and sat on our butts, it was really nice, we were both sick so it was very much needed, plus I got to charge my camera. 
Then we headed on down to the White House for the reception. It was a lot of fun and it was really great to see everyone there. 
This was a beautiful quilt that someone and I can't for the life of me remember who, made for them
Jon had to hold it up for the shorties haha
Cutting the cake, too bad you can't see Brooke from where I was standing sorry
Ow Ow, I don't think I've ever seen Brooke's face so red hahaha
Jett caught the garter, which was actually my garter originally that Brady caught at our wedding and Brooke forgot to get one so they used that one, were just going to pass it on down through the friends :)
All the friends at the reception minus Fell and Ash, they left before I could get a pic
A few things I learned from the wedding
1- My camera sucks big time
2- I just shouldn't wear heels 
3- Jon gets really embarrassed by all my picture taking
It was such a great day, the weather was perfect, everything was gorgeous and everyone had an awesome time. 
If you noticed there's a midget missing in all these pics it's cause my awesome mom and sister tended his crazy butt all day. And I am so grateful for it. Two year old's and all day wedding's don't mix well. 
Love you guys and I'm so grateful we got to spend your big day with you!

Mar 14, 2011

top ten things i LOVE about Kale

These are the top ten things I absolutely love about my crazy little man.
As every single mom on the earth would agree with me that we could go on and on all day about the things we love about our little guys I will only share with you my top ten.
And these top ten change every single day so this is what tops the chart for today.

-How first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is goes straight into our room and starts putting the pillows on our bed cause he knows we have to make the bed

-How 90% of the time he says UH OH he sounds British

 -How yesterday when we went on our walk he freaked out at Jon till he held his hand while he was in the stroller
 -How obsessed he is with reading books

-How when you say Kale where's your nose? He shoves his finger up his nose

 -How excited he gets when daddy gets home

-How crazy and energetic he is all day every day

-How he HATES to sit in his high chair cause he wants to sit in a big boy chair like mommy and daddy.
 -How he knows how to throw a serious temper tantrum, I should record one some time to show you guys cause they are hilarious 

-How much he loves his blue blankey and monkey

-How he randomly comes and gives you a hug and a kiss

If you counted that's 11 total, but I just couldn't narrow them down alright?
There you have it, my top ten :)

Mar 12, 2011


I was planning on sharing with you guys our week and how awesome it's been so far but I'm a really big procrastinator and I don't feel like doing it quite yet :)
So instead, I am going to go play with my Kale man who currently playing with tampon's in my bathroom. Awesome.
 I have to go to the store today which I'm not too pleased about. 
A little word of advice to those of you who are just married or about to tie the knot, 
do not go grocery shopping on Saturday's!
It will take you twice as long because of the crowds and will make your husband who hates you for making him go grocery shopping with you in the first place, extra grumpy.
Food for thought.  
If you would excuse me I have to go clean up a Costco size amount of tampon's that have successfully made their way from my bathroom into Kale's crib, and also get my toothbrush from his mouth. 
Till next time.

Mar 9, 2011

Little Baby Ethan

I'm so excited for this post. So as you all know my awesome friend Michelle had her baby yesterday!! And they were nice enough to let me come and visit them today! 
Little Ethan Andrew Emmons weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and is so freaking cute. 
I haven't seen a newborn baby for a while and I forgot how tiny and sweet they are.
Ah I love everything about newborn babies, who the heck doesn't?
I love their smell, their little cries, how whenever something is touching their face they try to get it to their mouth, how they Love to be all bundled up, and how they know already who their momma and daddy are after being here for only a day. 
I just have to share with you all a little background on me and Michelle because it's hilarious. 
So while we were in high school me and Jon broke up and he started dating Michelle, and that was sooo not okay. I hated, no more like loathed her. Seriously she was my arch nemesis. And I won't deny it I talked a lot of crap on her, but come on, my boyfriend of forever just got with this cute blonde, who wouldn't be a little angry?
Anyways as you all know me and Jon got back together but I still just hated her, all through high school. And trust me, she knew it too, I tried to make it very clear to her. 
I really didn't hate anybody and I considered myself a nice person to everyone, except her. How sad huh? I was so evil you guys.
So how did we ever become friends? I honestly don't really know, we just started talking on Facebook and figured out that we have A LOT in common and we are very similar.
 So I got over myself and now we are great friends!
But back to cute little Ethan, he is so precious, I'm officially baby hungry.
Thanks Michelle, it's all your fault.
There's the little man! Sorry this pic is a little blurry 
  Cute little family!
 Look how cute and tiny he is! Ah I couldn't get enough of him
 Cute new momma!
He's so sweet you guys, I could just hold him and cuddle him all day. 
 It was so fun to go see them and meet their sweet little man, thank you guys! 
I also have to tell you guys how excited I am for tomorrow cause Brady and Brooke are getting married! Yay! I love those two. I can't wait, it's going to be such a fun day!

Mar 7, 2011

In Other News

This past weekend was a lot of fun.
So on Friday we went out to dinner with Ben and Karin and Brady and Brooke to Macaroni Grill.
It was so much fun, my mom is a saint and watched Kale man for us and it was so nice to just sit back with friends and relax. The service was absolutely HORRIBLE plus they changed my favorite dish (Chicken Marsala) and it now sucks and was totally flavorless, what the narf! 
We used to love that place now it just kind of sucks, I'm really bummed, it was one of my top picks for a night out. 
Anywho I won't complain anymore cause we really did have such a fun time, I don't think I've laughed that much in a while. Plus we ran into one of my most favorite people there, Teisha :) I love that girl to pieces! Then we came back to our place and watched a movie. It was a great night. 
Saturday night I went to Brooke's bachelorette party at her sisters house, it was a lot of fun, her family is great. I'm so excited for her and Brady to get married this Thursday. 
I don't have any pictures to share with you of the weekend, sorry. I told myself to take lots of pictures and of course I forgot my camera everywhere I went.
That's one of my goals this year is to take more pictures, and I think I've done pretty well so far except I've been kind of slacking the past couple of weeks. So I'm going to do better!
In other news we put Kale in his suit that he got for Christmas from Mazee (my awesome Grandma) and sweet mother it was the cutest freaking thing I have ever seen. 
We were just in awe of the cuteness. Jon took a couple pictures on his phone before we left for church then of course I forgot to take more before we took it off him. But I will figure out how to get them off his phone so I can share them with you all. Plus I have a ton of food pictures on there that I need to get off too so I can post some freaking recipes!
Sunday night we went over to the Fergs to see everyone cause we hadn't gotten together for a while and it was so nice to see everyone plus Kale always has a ball running around with all the cousins. 
Here are some other quick things that are going on as well:
- Jon got me a pass to Gold's Gym and I'm very grateful, I do sometimes miss the rec center though
-Kale's leg is totally fine now thankfully
-Remember forever ago how I told you I desperately needed a cut and color? Still hasn't happened, my hair looks like poop
-Known is going great, Jon is constantly working hard on it, he has a meeting with his potentially biggest client next week, wish him luck! I won't spill the beans of who it is yet though
-My awesome friend Michelle is getting induced tomorrow, can't wait to meet her little guy Ethan!
-Kale is saying and learning new things every day, were almost there! His jibber jabber is sounding more wordy
-Jon's Birthday is in a few weeks! 20 days to be exact. I'm really freaking excited, all I'm getting him is clothes cause he is in DESPERATE need of new ones since he has lost so much weight. 
-I've been reading tutorials on Photoshop and watching videos, and I would have shared some befores and afters with you but my computer is having issues.
-I'm having serious withdraws of Hawaii, I catch myself thinking about it way too often, I miss everything about it, it was the best trip I've ever been on and it has stayed with me like no other has, ah I love it there.
So I shall part with you on a pic of us in Lahaina, my most favorite town in the whole wide world. For those of you who have never been there, there's a street in Lahaina called Front Street that sits directly next to the ocean and is lined with restaurants and little shops, the shops to our right actually are built over the ocean, it makes for an amazing view at a romantic dinner with your hubby, smelling the ocean and listening to the waves. And ya we were fat, and we were happy, leave us alone.

Mar 4, 2011

Jelly Fish

I'm writing this post today to share with you all the world of Julian Smith.
The other day I posted on Facebook 
"Jelly+Fish take some jelly take some fish look at that sandwich de-lish"
and NO ONE on knew what this meant and that made me very very sad. 
So here I am today introducing you to Julian Smith and everything that comes with it. 
A little background on Julian Smith-
He made a video making fun of Facebook and put it on YouTube and it went viral very quickly. So quickly in fact YouTube decided to make him a partner with YouTube.
 a partner? ya I know right?
Also the people at Facebook saw his video and thought it was pretty funny so they invited him to their headquarters
This first video some of you have probably seen and is one that got his name out there. Every sound is from the Jeep.

This second video is one of our favorites 
The other thing that makes this video so great is if I turn it on, Kale starts dancing like a mad man to it, I love it.
This third video is where my status update came from 
If after you've watched these and you are going..... Wow those were the stupidest things I have ever seen and were a huge waste of my time. 
That's exactly what I said the first time Jon showed them to me.
Just do me a favor, watch them a couple times and I promise you, every time you watch them they will just get funnier and funnier and if they don't... Well I guess we just don't have the same sense of humor. 
If you do like them other favorites of ours include:
Red Eye Flashes Twice
Want to see the shirt that I am dying to get myself and Jon?

Pretty awesome right? They're at Hot Topic and I might just have to get us some.
I hope all of you have found a new joy in discovering Julian Smith, I know we sure have.

Mar 1, 2011

First Getaway of 2011

Hola everyone. This past weekend we went on our first vaca of 2011 and I got to tell ya, it was very much needed. We had SO much fun. 
We went up to Hydes cabin (good friends of my families) it's up in Heber area just higher. We went cause on Thursday it was my sister Rachel's Birthday and then on Sunday it was my Dad's Birthday so we went to celebrate their birthday's. 
There was A LOT of snow. I'm really sick of the snow and beyond ready for it to be summer but it was so much fun having that much snow outside.
See? It was a lot of freaking snow. That's a massive wall of snow behind us, and it was all powder. 
The best part about the weekend was that Kale loved the snow. He had so much fun playing in it getting pulled around on the sled and riding with daddy on the snowmobiles.

Kale got even more happy when his bestest best friend got there.
Right after I took this picture Kale threw this in my face. He planned the whole thing you can tell. 
It was such a great weekend. Tons of snow, food, family, ping pong, snowmobiling, sledding, Kale and Londyn, and german chocolate cake. It couldn't have been better, I wish we were still up there. I hope all of you had as good of a weekend as we did!