May 6, 2011

Crabby Pants

I'm kind of cranky today you guys.
It's been one of those weeks where stupid people just keep coming in all directions.
And I just don't have the patience I should for these people. 
I know I need to work on patience, I pray for patience with Kale, patience with my husband, and patience for people that I really just want to give a piece of my mind to.
And at the same time I wish I had the guts to say to people what I'm really thinking and what is going through my head.
I really try to not let people get to me and just shrug things off but every once in a while after everything's been all bottled up it explodes (and it's usually on my poor husband even though he's not the one making me so frustrated, I'm sorry babe!) I love you.
I'm sorry you guys I just really needed to get that out and off my chest and boy oh boy does it feel good, my blog is kind of like a journal in many ways so you guys get to share all my rantings and ravings. Lucky you
Did anyone else make new years resolutions this year?
One of the many things I chose to try and work on is to speak my mind and tell people what I'm really thinking, usually I just shut down and don't say anything at all. 
I've really been working on it but I know I need to be a lot better at it.
Anyways thanks for listening, even if you just skipped over this post I still feel better :)
On to bigger and better things!
Our amazing friends Fell and Ash are getting married TOMORROW!
I can't wait, it's going to be such an amazing and beautiful day, and pictures will surely follow.
And guess what, my good friend Chelsea is also getting married tomorrow! I can't wait to see all these beautiful brides! It's going to be quite the day tomorrow! And they are both getting married in the temple, how awesome is that?
In other news, we are moving! I know that most everyone knows this already, so it's not too exciting. Yesterday we found out that we have to be out out by May 31. Holy narf.
It hadn't hit me till yesterday that it's coming so soon (like three weeks and three days) and we haven't started packing a single thing. 
My parents are moving into a bigger house and we are moving into the basement for a few months so that we can save up for a down payment on a house.
We will have two bedrooms a bathroom and a kitchen, I'm so grateful that they are letting us do this, it's going to help us so much.
The thing is they haven't closed on that house yet so they still aren't sure of the move in date which means that come May 31 we might be homeless for a while, fun right? 
I'm becoming a little stress basket. 
I guess I shall part with you with a few pics of Kale at the park the other day. Its actually not a park, it's Boulton Elementary's playground 
(I think it's Boulton? the school that's right above our apartments on the corner?)
Anyways the playground we go to is the one for the kindergarten kids so its perfect for Kale cause the slides aren't too big, there's nothing he can't walk on and it's easy to get on to. My favorite thing about it is there is never anyone there, we go there all the time and we are always alone, it's so nice, and so close.
We just can't get enough of this sunshine.

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  1. Everything will work out Em! Try not to stress too much ;) We love you guys