May 10, 2011

Mother's Day(s)

Hello everyone, first off let me just start out by saying that in case you couldn't tell I haven't exactly been in the best of moods this past week and I feel the need to apologize for some reason.
I feel like all I have done the past week is complain and I'm sorry you all had to read about it.
It finally hit me that the reason I have been ms. grumpy pants because I have been thinking about myself way to much.  
It's funny after I realized this and Kale was asleep, I sat down at the computer for a sec and was reading a friends blog and she had put a quote up that totally hit home for me.
Its from the amazing Gordon B. Hinkley
"forget yourself, and go to work"
He was such an amazing man.
And thank you Melissa for sharing that quote, it was totally what I was looking for, and most definitely what I needed to hear. 
Needless to say, I got out of my head so to speak and guess what? No more bad mood.
It amazes me how the Lord always knows what I need, and I am so grateful for it.

I had an amazing mother's day this year.
 When I woke up on mothers day Jon told me to come downstairs. I came down, and there was a huge bouquet of the most beautiful flowers waiting for me on the counter.
Pictures of flowers never do them justice. 
Also with the flowers was a card that Jon recorded a little sweet voice message for me when you open it... I love that man.
How cool are cards getting these days?
We went to Jord's homecoming in the morning and he did such an awesome job, I love being able to listen to all our friends when they get home and see how much they have changed (and stayed the same). Then we went over to his house for a brunch and man it was delicious. 
After that we went home and all three of us just passed out, Kale slept for almost four hours and me and Jon slept for over two. Why do Sunday's always make you so sleepy?

That night we had a dinner with all of my family which was lots of fun.
Thank you mom for everything you do and helping me be a better mom every day! 
I love you!
Thank you to my wonderful mother in law for the great example you are to me!
I love you!
And thank you to my grandma's, my sister, sister in law's and all the other amazing mothers I have around me who are such wonderful examples to me, and good mothers, I love you all!
We didn't get to see Jon's mom because they are in Georgia visiting Jon's sister.

Monday night Jon took me out to dinner to celebrate mothers day. 
We had tried to go all week before the actual mothers day but we had something going on every single night, so we opted for the day after. 
He took me to Cheesecake Factory, one of my absolute favorites. 
This is what Jon got
Guess it's a good thing he has a big mouth.
And this is what I got
 Fish taco's :) they were so freaking yummy
I don't know about you but I don't think it's enough food...
 So we were sitting there talking and trying to breath after dinner and Jon all of the sudden clears his throat very loudly and very specifically looks down at the table and there was a little box...
I felt like a dork, I never even saw that he had placed the box on the table, or that it was there after, he said that it was there for a while before he finally told me, I was just too busy blabbering away at him... You stealthy man you
So I open it up and it is a beautiful necklace :)

Ah I LOVE it, I wish I had taken some better pictures of it.
It's an amethyst, which is the gemstone for February which was when my Kale man was born :)
How awesome is my husband? He picked it out all by himself.
I told him forever ago that I really wanted a long necklace with Kale's birth month stone in it and he must have stored my comment away for a very long time, I really can't believe he remembered. It's all white gold so it will last me forever and I can add to it as we have more kids. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging and trying to show off, I'm just so proud of him and I love it so much! 
Ok... maybe I am bragging... just a little though.
I love that man so stinking much, he spoils me freaking rotten and I don't deserve it.
Didn't he do good? I absolutely love it, and seriously, the best mothers day present I could ever ask for, something that represents my precious little man.
 Thank you so much sweetie, I love you more then you know!
And you really need to stop spoiling me!
We had a really great mothers day, I would definitely say best yet. :)


  1. Love it! What a cute idea, I'm impressed. You do deserve to be spoiled Em ;) You're a great mom and I think the rest of the crew would agree that you are a great example to the rest of us. Happy Mother's day to you! Love ya

  2. what a sweet and thoughtful hubby!! That necklace is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful little family you have! I can't wait to be a mommy someday too:)