May 23, 2011

I've got another one

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend, we had a pretty good one ourselves, rather long however, we helped my parents move all weekend long.
15 years in a house = a lot of stuff
Now on to moving our stuff, yay...
I am pretty confident it will be an easy move though, we are putting most of our furniture in a pod at my dad's office so there's just a few big things that need to go up to the new house but it will be cake.
 And I can't believe I agreed to it but for the time being we are putting our king bed in storage and using my queen bed... 
I will admit that my queen bed is with out a doubt the best mattress ever but with my 6'2" man that sleeps diagonally, a king is the way to go.... I will survive 
So this week is going to be a rather long week of taking loads up and down and up and down the hill (we used over a half a tank friday and saturday just going from my parents house to the new one which is a lot closer than our house to the new house)
So the reason this post is named what it is is because I have a new fart story to share. 
I can only imagine what you all are thinking... 
 We just happen to have funny fart stories ok? And I just think they are too good not to share. 
I feel like now would be a good time to explain something to you all. 
I'm not going to tell you all that our lives are perfect and everything is always hunkey dorey because what family is? I want this blog to be a reflection of our lives, along with both the ups and downs and so I am going to tell you everything that goes on in our lives whether good or bad. I want to remember what was going on in our lives at this time no matter what it is. I look at our blog as kind of a big family journal that I want everything in.
I don't do this to get the most followers or see how many hits I get on it, I do it to record our lives and memories and that's that... plus it get's to have pictures, how awesome is that?
Don't get me wrong, I love the blog world, cooking blogs, craft blogs, and getting to read all about friends and families lives, I love them all and think it's pretty dang awesome and love to share fun things and hopefully someone get's something out of it.
So now I can feel better about telling you all our fart story because it's something that I think is hilarious and want share and document :)
This morning me and Kale man were cuddling in bed cause he woke up earlier then usual and still wasn't quite awake. 
While we were cuddling, I was playing with his hair and I tooted... and remember how Kale is copying everything we do?
Well right after I did this I heard him grunt and felt his little tummy flex and he ripped a pretty dang good tootie. 
He didn't even skip a beat, as soon as he heard me toot he just had to do it too.
I was crying I was laughing so hard, and the best part was right after he tooted he busted up laughing too, he thought it was absolutely hilarious. 
I love my stinky little man, it's not gross when he toots for some reason, it's just freaking hilarious.
Whoever has little kids knows exactly what I'm talking about.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Till next time folks.

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  1. I enjoyed it just cause its a fart story ;) I love this little fart story trend we've been having ;) Thats so funny Em. I am actually very impressed that Kale can "copy" a fart on command haha!