Mar 18, 2012

Micah Reed Ferguson

He's here!
Prepare yourself for a very long post all about my little prince.
Wednesday the 7th me and my mom went shopping to pick out the ribbon for the bassinet Micah would be sleeping in next to our bed for the first little while and to find fabric for his baby blanket.
Talk about last minute I know.
Wednesday night at 5 out of no where I started getting contractions consistently about 3-5 minutes apart.
I had been having contractions for days but nothing consistent whatsoever.
Around 6:30 I called my doctor to see what they wanted me to do cause they were now every 2-4 minutes apart and definitely getting stronger.
They told me to give it another hour and if they were still coming consistently to come in to the hospital.
At this point Jon was bouncing off the walls with excitement and starting to get everything ready to go.
I was still in denial that I was in labor, it just didn't seem real, I had wanted it so badly and I just didn't believe that it was going to happen.
So an hour later we were ready to go and headed up to my parents house to drop off Kale man.
 The last picture of just us three, dropping off Kale at grandma's.
We got to the hospital around 8, I got my sexy gown on and got all hooked up to monitor contractions and baby.
 My nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced.
She said that if I didn't make any progress in 2 hours that they would send me home because I wasn't in active labor.
When she told me this I wanted to cry and punch her in the face at the same time.
I knew that if I went home I would be back in a matter of hours cause my contractions were just getting worse and worse.
So I asked her if I were sent home, how would I know when to come back in?
She told me that my contractions would get so bad that I wouldn't be able to move or think about anything else and would be balling my eyes out writhing in pain.
Ya... Let's go home for that.
So two hours later, surprise surprise, I hadn't progressed.
I almost started crying right then and there.
For some reason the nurse said she'd give me another hour to see if anything happened and we would go from there.
An hour later she checked me and I was at a 4 1/2 and 80% effaced.
So now it was for sure that I was staying the night and we were going to have a baby!
Then the evil nurse told me the great news.
She said that since my doctor wasn't the on call doctor for the night, they weren't going to do anything for pain management till morning when they could talk to my doctor and see what she wanted to do...
In other words I would be doing labor all night without my epidural, and my contractions were continuously getting worse and worse.
Here's the thing. This nurse was of the devil. I seriously felt like the entire time she was getting a kick out of watching me writhe in pain, and Jon said the same thing too.
I wish I would have yelled at her and said "hey devil woman, the reason for an on call doctor is so that you can call them and get the ok from them! You don't need to talk to my doctor!"
Long story short that night was awful.
Remember how she told me I would be writhing in pain and balling my eyes out. 
Yep, I was.
 So finally at 6 a.m. and dilated to an 8, the devil woman talked to my doctor and she called in for my epidural.
I got my epidural around 6:30 and boy was I happy.
It was perfect, I was just numb enough that I couldn't really feel the contractions but I could still move everything, and with Kale I couldn't move one bit and I hated it.
I was one happy momma.
And on another good note at 7 a.m. devil nurses shift was over!
I was sooo happy that that woman wouldn't be there to help deliver me.
My doctor got to the hospital around 7:30, they got everything all set up and ready to go.
I pushed for maybe 7 minutes and he was out.
Micah Reed was born at 7:52 a.m. he weighed 6lbs 6oz and was 19in long.
We want all our kids names to have some significance in them, Jon's middle name is Thomas, so that's where Kale Thomas comes from.
My dad's name is Reed, so that's where Micah Reed comes from.
The first thing that came out of both mine and Jon's mouth when we saw him was "oh my gosh he looks just like his brother"
It was such a perfect and amazing delivery.
I was balling uncontrollably as soon as he came out.
I absolutely loved Salt Lake Regional Hospital, everyone except for the one evil nurse was absolutely fabulous and it was so nice to deliver at a quieter hospital.
We left the hospital Saturday and it has been so nice to be home.
When we left Micah weighed 5lbs 12oz, I'm really interested to see what he will weigh at his doctors appointment this week.
I just can't get enough of Micah, he has changed so much already and the newborn stage goes by so quickly I'm trying to soak up every second of it.
I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Jon has been through all of this. 
He seriously has been super dad/husband, I don't know what I would do without him.
Kale is super good with Micah, he's always kissing him and giving him loves, it melts my heart.
I have sooo much more I want to post and talk about, that I will try to get to soon.
Now prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos.
 Daddy's first time holding Micah.
  My awesome nurse that helped deliver Micah
Kale's first time holding Micah
 Kale did this all on his own, it was so sweet
Love my boys
First family photo
 His going home outfit, the shirt says Little Brother
 Love him.
Sooooo much.
Till next time.

Mar 5, 2012

Bring on Baby!!!

 Me and Kale headed to the park today after the gym, how on earth could we pass up being outside on a day like this?
I really wish it would just stay warm, I usually don't mind the snow but I am ready for some sun!
I can't even begin to tell you how ready I am to have this little man.
SOOOO ready.
I have gotten so pampered lately.
Thursday I got my hair done by Rachel.
Friday I got my lashes done, and Kale man got a very much needed haircut, also by Rachel.
I wish you could see his haircut better in the photo cause it's stinking cute, he sure is one studly little man. :)
I am not going to lie, I absolutely LOVE having a sister that is a beautician. 
Saturday the Ferguson girls threw me a baby shower.
My sweet mother in law Renae went all out, she is just amazing.
First, she had a lady come to her house and she did glitter toes on all of us.
Since I just got my toes tone the other week I decided to do my nails.
I went out of the norm and got gold glitter on my nails, I'm so glad that the girls talked me into it cause I absolutely love it, it's really fun for a change.
 My dad called them Vegas nails, they're pretty freaking awesome.
 Awesome right? I know your jealous.
Then we played some fun baby shower games, complete with prizes.
I won a shower gel and loofah and a cute pack of thank you cards.
Then we had dinner from Rumbis mmmm, delicious, followed by chocolate covered strawberries for desert that were absolutely divine.
After that all the boys and kiddos came over and Renae watched all our kids for us while the couples went out and saw This Means War, which was freaking hilarious, I absolutely loved it.
After the movie we went back and opened presents, little man got some seriously cute stuff.
A big thank you to the Ferg ladies for throwing me a shower, and especially to Renae, who went way above and beyond, it was such a fun night!
After all this pampering I've been getting I feel completely ready for baby to come.
We've got our go bag ready, and now it's just a waiting game.
In case you haven't caught on I'm still really hoping that he will decide to come on his own before next Friday.
Please oh please oh please just come little boy, I am beyond ready.
Happy Monday everyone, and wish me luck!

Mar 2, 2012

Sweet and Saucy Chicken

I hadn't made this chicken for well over a year and I am so glad I did.
first you must know that Jon is not the biggest chicken fan, so I am always a bit hesitant with chicken dishes.
But he could not get enough of this, seriously the whole time he was making yummy sounds and telling me repeatedly how delicious it was. 
It made me happy :)
I served mine with a heaping pile of steamed broccoli, zucchini, and asparagus and a slice of the best bread on the face of the earth, honey whole wheat from Great Harvest YUM, thanks mom! Of course you can't have that amazing bread without some amazing home-made strawberry jam on top, I'm drooling just thinking about it...
Anyways here you go, sweet and saucy/spicy chicken.
What you need:
6 chicken breasts
2 Cups Salsa- one thing I like so much about this recipe is you can make it however spicy you want, I used medium heat salsa and it had just the right amount of kick for us (we're kind of wussy in the spicy department)
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Honey Dijon Mustard
  -I didn't want to make 6 chicken breasts so I used 3 and cut everything in half, worked perfectly.
Start by putting your chicken in an oven safe dish, I scored my chicken slightly as well to help get flavor in.
Also use a dish that your chicken fits snugly in so that the juice stays on top and around chicken instead of running off into the pan.
Then in another bowl combine the rest of ingredients and mix, then poor over chicken.
Cook in 375 degree oven for 40-45 minutes or till chicken is cooked through.
I like my chicken to have a little texture to it so once it was finished in the oven I grilled it slightly, once they were grilled up a little, I poured leftover juice from the oven dish over top.
And in case your wondering if grilling it made it dry, it didn't at all, it was still extremely juicy.
There you have it, super easy and yummy chicken, enjoy!
And happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend!
P.S. Is that not the cheesiest smile you've ever seen?
I couldn't resist sharing.
Till next time!