May 16, 2011

the amazing adventures of mr. thomas and babykins a.k.a batman and robin

If you haven't caught on by now, Kale is obsessed with his dad.
Every day when Jon gets home from work Kale squeals and runs as fast as he can to get to daddy. Every day when Kale wakes up he runs around the house screaming DAD!!! To see if daddy is home.
And he very well should be obsessed with his daddy, cause he's the awesomest dad ever.
 Kale has turned into daddy's little copycat. 
Everything and I mean everything Jon does,  Kale is sure to follow.
Jon puts his arms behind his head, Kale puts his arms behind his head.
Jon coughs, Kale coughs. Literally. Kale is constantly watching daddy to see what he does so he can do it to, it's really cute.
Anyways, you get the point.
I love watching them play together, nothing melts my heart more then seeing them wrestling and having fun together.
Kale is totally daddy's little mini me. 

I really could go on for days about their adventures and all the fun little things that they do together.
The other night I was upstairs and Jon told me to come down so that he could show me something. 
I go down and this is what I come upon.

We have a ton of boxes for packing just laying around and Jon decided to make a fort out of a few of them, "the boy's cave" I believe is what it was called, because Kale isn't a "man" quite yet.
I was actually pretty shocked at how sweet it was, it was pretty big inside and you could stand almost all the way up. 

Kale was obsessed with it to say the least.
 There were no girls allowed a.k.a no mommy's allowed. :)
However, I was allowed in for a quick tour given by Kale man, well actually I was dragged in there by Kale.
 He, no they would have played in there all night if I would have let them.
Can you see Kale man?
This was the sniper hole where they could shoot from without being seen, oh ya this thing was elaborate.
 Since he's been born they've been inseparable. 
I love my boys so much, thank you for making me so happy.

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  1. It's hard to believe that Kale was that small once! You have cute boys Em!