Feb 28, 2012

Blogger Fun!

I love reading posts that get spread around where you have to answer questions about yourself, and then pass it on to other bloggers.
I was totally shocked when my cute friend Mikell tagged me in her post with one of these today.
I would also like to say that I am super bummed I won't be able to make it to her wedding, but.... I'm going to be having a baby.
Sorry Mikell! Your going to be one beautiful bride!
Ok here we go!
1. Post these rules.
 2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.

3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

1. I am exactly 37 weeks today, hence the belly photo (I'm now considered full term, woot woot! I made it!)
2. I hate popcorn
3. I broke both bones in both arms within 6 weeks of each other.
4. I have an innie bellybutton but I can pull it out
5. My innie/outie belly button is now an outie 95% of the time thanks to my big belly and Kale's favorite thing to do is pull up my shirt and play with my belly button. He thinks it is hilarious.
6. I play bonko once a month with my sister, mom, and a bunch of my mom's friends. It's pretty entertaining, I love it.
7. I painted our entire house when we moved in and I am re-doing our bedroom (hopefully this week) because I HATE the color... I'm kind of picky, I'm working on it. 
8.  I refuse to watch scary movies, I hate them with a passion.
9. I love basically anything chocolate and have my whole life. When I was little nothing was the color brown, it was always chocolate... This gestational diabetes thing really sucks when it comes to that, it's a major issue.
10. Because of the gestational diabetes I have never eaten so good in my entire life and I really do feel amazing, I'm really liking this whole eat super healthy thing (most days)
11. One of my most favorite things is getting woken up by Kale climbing into bed with me and giving me a kiss on my cheek saying "good mornin mommy" it makes for a fabulous day. 

Questions Mikell wants you to answer:

1. What is your favorite color?
It changes all the time but right now I would have to say it's a blue that I saw on some towels at Walmart that I am getting for our bathroom. Aqua blue is what comes to mind but I know that is way off, it's definitely not aqua, maybe I'll post some photos of when we get our bathroom done and show you all :)
2. What is your fondest childhood memory?
This is really hard, I can't think of any specific one because there are sooo many to choose from, but I would have to say any of the family vacations we took, I have so many great memories from all those, I could go on and on with stories from our family vacations.
3. If you could meet someone famous who is no longer living, who would it be? 
Another hard one, but first person that comes to mind is Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen. I think he has the most amazing voice in the whole wide world and I would tell him that he needs to be careful cause he's going to get AIDS, that way he wouldn't have had to die and we could have so much more amazing music from him, yep.
 4. What is your biggest dream in life?
To travel the world with my husband and family. I would also like to have a house in Italy somewhere that we can go to and take family and friends for the summer.
 5. If you won $100.00 What would you do with it? $1.000?
Well I'm a lame-o that has the mind of a 50 year old so realistically I would save that money for bills or put it into savings.
Yep, I'm boring!
Unrealistically I would head straight to IKEA... OH YES! the best place on earth, I could VERY easily spend 1,000 bucks plus at that place. 
6. If you HAD to move to another state, what state would you choose? 
 Easy! Maui, Hawaii, my most favorite place in the entire world. Me and Jon were just talking yesterday on how if we could we would move there in a heartbeat.
 7. If you could do something illegal with no consequences, what would it be?
Steal millions of dollars from someone disgustingly rich... Like Oprah... 
And I wouldn't feel bad about it one bit.
 8. If you got to pick a super power, what would it be? 
  I would definitely pick to be able to go to wherever I wanted in the world just by thinking of it, like on the movie Jumper.
How freaking awesome would it be to simply think of a place and BAM! Your there. 
9. What is your favorite song right now? 
This is really random but Lady Gaga Americano. We bought Puss in Boots and Kale is obsessed with it so we have already watched it like 7 times and that song is at the end of the movie and you can't help but want to get up and dance to it, and it just gets worse the more and more you hear it.
10. What are you most afraid of?
Losing someone in my family or someone close to me. I have never dealt with death of anyone close to me in my entire life and it scares me so bad.
11. What is the best item on your bucket list?
To run a freaking marathon, because I know there is like a 25% chance of it ever happening! 

1. If you could go anywhere in the entire world where would it be?
2. What is your favorite show on t.v.?
3.  If you could be any celebrity who would it be?
4. If you could go back to any age of your life what year would it be and why?
 5. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
6. If you could have a 2 minute shopping spree at a grocery store what would you buy?
7. Black socks or white socks? Or no socks?
8. Where was your last vacation?
9. How many kids do you want and why?
10. What is your main reason for blogging?
11. What is your very first memory? 

Alright chicas here is who I am tagging!
Ashley Feller
Jamie Smith
Chelsea Horrocks 

Feb 27, 2012

I can handle 3 more days...

So... here's a little up date on baby boy, we have changed the date for little man to get here.
It was going to be the 13th as I said in my previous post, but we have decided to change it to Friday the 16th instead, here's why.
Jon get's a week off of work when little man gets here.
If I were to get induced on Tuesday the 13th I would be in the hospital till Thursday, we would have Friday, the weekend, and Monday with Jon at home then he would have to go back to work that following Tuesday.
So I would be spending most of his week off in the hospital.
 But by getting induced Friday the 16th, I would be out of the hospital most likely by Sunday and then we would have that entire next week of Jon being at home with me, Kale and the baby, plus that next weekend too. 
He would just have to go in throughout the week a little to make up for that next Friday he would take off.
Basically it's ten days of being able to have Jon home helping me instead of seven.
I was SO against waiting any longer than I needed to to be induced and I wasn't going to do it at first but the more I got thinking about it, the more it just makes sense to do it this way.
I know I'm going to need a lot of help so whatever precious time I can have with Jon home, I will take.
Plus I really like the idea of Jon being able to have more time to bond with little man.
SO, as of right now the date is set for Friday, March 16th.
18 days... I think I can handle it :)
I'm still secretly praying that he will come any time before then though.
We also completely finished the nursery, I'll post some pics soon.
I think we are ready for him to get here, the only thing we still need is a glider or some sort of chair for the nursery, gliders are just so bloody expensive!
So if any of you know where to get an inexpensive glider or would like to donate one :) let me know, I will gladly take it off your hands for ya.
Happy Monday everyone, and a big shout out to my dad and sister.
It was Rachel's birthday on Friday and it's my dad's birthday today.
I'll keep their ages withheld for their sakes... They're pretty old 
We went out for sushi on Friday for Rachel's birthday, bless her.
I have been craving sushi FOREVER! 
I of course got a cooked roll, and it was absolutely divine, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
I keep telling everyone that someone is going to need to bring me sushi in the hospital.
Happy Birthday you two, I love you!
Have a super fantastic week everyone, till next time!

Feb 23, 2012


 This is what my Thursday's are made up of, sitting for an hour for an NST (non stress test) with those things super tight on my tummy making little man angry, then going in for my regular Dr. appointment, taking up most of the afternoon.
And I love it.
Seriously it never gets old listening to his heart beat and listening to him move around making the machine go crazy sounding like there's a Star Wars lightsaber battle going on in the room... and getting to sit and relax for an hour is a nice perk.
And guess what, doc said she will induce me March 13th :)
As in 19 days.
Narf ya.
That still feels way too far away though, if he came at any time I would love him so very much, I'm getting rather uncomfortable.
And if I did have him on the 13th him and Kale will both be born on the 13th just a month difference. 
Time cannot move quickly enough right now.
I want him here so bad.
19 days... 19 days... 19 days...
I can do it!
Till next time.

Feb 20, 2012

pedi time

Last night we got back from a weekend away at Timberlakes with my mom's entire side of the family.
We had a blast, I love it up there, pics are soon to come.
It always amazes me how much laundry you come home from a trip with.
I got my pedi last week, it was amazing.
I think I almost fell asleep like 8 times.
If you have never had one, you need to go get one (cough cough mom) 
Complete with blue flower for baby boy :)
And yes I know I have fingers for toes.
Go ahead, gawk away.
I have been very grateful for my finger-toes lately though.
Bending over nine months pregnant is about the last thing I ever want to do and being able to pick up things with my toes is quite nice.
I love you finger-toes.
Happy Monday everyone!
Till next time.

Feb 16, 2012

Valentines Day

 This year for Valentines all I wanted to do was spend a night out with my honey, so that's exactly what we did, and it was lovely.
We went to dinner at Rio Grande, my most favorite Mexican restaurant, we were laughing the whole time about how it is so not a super romantic restaurant but we had so much fun, people kept turning on fun love songs on the juke box, the food was of course amazing, and we had a really great time.
After dinner we headed out to Sandy to Jordan Commons for a movie, the movie was a surprise that Jon didn't tell me about till dinner but he still didn't tell me what we were seeing.
It was actually really fun to sit down to a movie, having no clue what I was seeing.
We saw The Vow which was really cute, the perfect Valentine's Day movie.
Jon also surprised me with a gift for a prenatal massage and a pedicure.
:) I'm excited.
It was the perfect Valentines, it probably will be our last night out just us two before the baby gets here, so it was very much needed.
Thank you so much for the wonderful night sweetie, I had so much fun spending time with you and having a night all to ourselves.
I love you so so much! 
P.S. Congratulations to Karin and Ben on their new baby boy! They let us come visit them in the hospital today and he is such a cutie! Congrats you two, and well done!

Feb 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Kale

 Monday was Kale man's 3rd birthday.
I can't believe he is 3 years old, it blows my mind.
Kale still wasn't feeling too hot so we didn't do anything but play around the house all day.
That evening we had family come over for presents, cake and ice cream.
Kale got seriously spoiled.
I think Jon has had as much fun playing with Kale's new toys as he has.
 Kale man opening presents and riding his new Lightening McQueen bike from mommy and daddy.
Thanks everyone so much for coming, and spoiling my little man.
He sure is one blessed little boy to have such an amazing support system around him.
I love that little stinker more and more every single day, he is my world.
Stop growing up so fast Kale Thomas, it's freaking me out.
I love you so much.
Love, Mommy.

Feb 12, 2012


 Our weekend has consisted of poo, poo, and more poop.
Remember how I asked to wish me luck and have no more poo?
Ya it didn't happen.
Friday night we were up till one, then up again at 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8, cleaning up poo and vomit.
Saturday consisted of more poo throughout the day till late afternoon.
I am completely amazed and perplexed at how much poo can be in a little boys system.
Today is a little better, the poop has almost completely stopped, (thank heavens)
Kale hasn't eaten a single thing today, he has only wanted apple juice.
I did manage to get him to eat some top ramen yesterday at lunch though.
It's so hard to not fret and worry when your kid isn't eating.
Kale's doc always says though that kids aren't going to starve themselves, they will eat when they are ready to.
I still have been trying to get him to drink as much as I can get into him though.
I think I may have gotten whatever he has a little bit, I felt pretty crummy all day yesterday, today is a lot better but I still don't feel 100%.
I feel so bad, there's nothing worse than the flu, (if that's what it is)
We were so exhausted from our sleepless nights Friday and Saturday, that when Kale woke up at 8 this morning we turned on a movie in our room and me and Jon slept till 10:30, it was glorious.
Hopefully tonight will be a better night and we can all get some sleep and Kale man will continue to get better, if not we may be hitting up the doctor tomorrow, not exactly what you want to be doing on your little mans birthday.
Wish us luck.

Feb 10, 2012

Friday Food For Thought

Where to begin...
Today has been "one of those days"
I woke up at 7:30 so that I would have plenty of time to get myself and Kale man ready so I could go play volleyball at 9.
Kale woke up at 8:00 and needed to poopoo, so I sat him down on the toilet, he did his business, I went to throw it in the toilet and disinfect "ribbit" and then I go back into Kale's room to see Kale with poo all down his legs, feet, and walking all over his carpet, making a nice poo trail across his bedroom floor.
Isn't this the exact thing you wish happened to you at 8 in the morning today? I bet it is.
I threw Kale in the tub and tried to get as much poop off the floor as I could, while doing this Kale then proceeded to get out of the tub, and walk out of the bathroom, therefore, getting poo all over the two rugs in the bathroom, on the tile, and on the carpet outside of the bathroom as well.
I guess that was sort of my fault, thinking that he would stay in the tub with no water in it, just because I told him to. Duh.
I called Jon in a panic to see if he could go and pick up my mom's carpet cleaner from her house and he couldn't get away from work, so then I made another call to my mom at 8:30 in the morning begging her to bring me her carpet cleaner, and of course she is the best and said she would.
So while waiting for the carpet cleaner, I went and scraped the poo off of Kale, and by then his tub was covered with the stuff so once he was semi clean I grabbed him and threw him into our tub and tried to do my best and disinfect him with antibacterial hand soap (oh yes I did) followed by his regular soap and a lot of hot water.
The morning continued with lots more poo from Kale man, (thankfully all made it in the toilet) it's hard to stay upset with him when I know he had a sick tummy and just couldn't make it to the potty.
The rest of my morning was spent cleaning tubs, washing rugs, clearing out Kale's room into the babies room so I could get to as much carpet as possible and then cleaning his carpet... twice.
It was totally how I wanted to spend my Friday morning :)
On to better things, yesterday my cute cousin Michelle came and visited me.
Michelle was my bestest best friend in High School. We did pretty much everything together.
 This is us in High School when we went to New York... We were a bit odd back then.
I love this girl so much, and I am so glad she came over yesterday, she even brought Kale an awesome Star Wars ball for his birthday coming up and brought me a baby gift.
Ya, she's the best and I am so grateful she is apart of my life.
Love you woman, thanks for the presents and coming over!
Happy weekend everyone, wish me no more poop to fill up my days!

Feb 8, 2012

Jazz Time

 Saturday my awesome parents took me and Jonathan to the Jazz game.
I was so excited, we usually don't follow sports too closely but we have been really into basketball this year and have watched all the Jazz games.
So needless to say that the fact that it was against the Lakers made me even more excited.
My parents are some of the most giving people you will ever meet.
They are always willing to help out, lend a hand in any way that they can.
That's me and my cute mama, and my dad decided to pop in at the last second too.
I had so much fun at the game, and I know Jon had an even better time then I did.
 Of course we had to get some roasted almonds... When the booth is right above your seats and that's all you can smell during the first half it's kind of impossible not to practically sprint to get some at halftime.
I swear they sit with fans at the top blowing that irresistible smell down... Evil people.
What made this night even more awesome is that we beat the stupid Lakers! Woot Woot!
It was such a fun game, thank you so much mom and dad for thinking of us, we had such a great time!
Till next time.

Feb 6, 2012

Baby Shower

 So for those of you who don't know, I have amazing friends.
Even though this is my second baby and I'm having another boy they still insisted on throwing me a baby shower. 
I am missing a picture of Michelle, she came to dinner but had to go get her little man after, but those are all my cute friends, aren't they perty?
Friday night we all went out to Applebees for some dinner and girl talk, aka baby talk, what else would you talk about at a baby shower?
I feel a kind of bad... I think we may have successfully scared Jame and Ash into never having babies.
Just forget everything we said you two... Because you need to make babies, they will be adorable.
I think we were at Applebees for over two hours just talking, it was a blast.
After dinner we headed over to Brooke's house for desert and presents.
I wish I would have taken some pics of the treats, they were so cute.
Brooke made cupcakes that said BOY on them and Ash made whoopie pies with blue frosting in the middle. 
We played some cute games, first we had to guess how many diapers were in a jar, and Brooke won.
Next everyone measured a piece of string around their bellies and tried to guess the same length as my tummy.
Of course Karin won, she did have a cheat sheet and all.
I got spoiled, everyone got me such awesome things!
It really made me so excited for little man to get here.
Thank you all so much! 
And a big thank you to Ash for putting all of this together, your the best!
And also to Brooke for letting us go to your house!
I love you girls!
Till next time.

Feb 1, 2012

watch your mouth, mommy

It has officially begun, I have a little word sponge on my hands.
Last night at dinner me and Jon were talking and I said "well that's stupid"
Next thing I know Kale says "that's stupid mama"
Then while getting him dressed after his tub, he pointed to a toy and said "that's stupid"
Jon looked at me and goes "good job mommy" 
Guess it's time that I start watching my mouth a little better. 
The worst part is, for some reason everything new your child does is the cutest thing ever so when he said it both times me and Jon had to turn away so Kale couldn't see us laughing at the naughty word he just said.
Totally reminded me of this Modern Family episode.
I think Jon about peed his pants when he saw that.
Except for if Kale ever said that word, I don't know if he would be alive much longer...
On operation potty training:
I think we are starting to make a little headway.
Kale only had three accidents today! 
This is a HUGE improvement from yesterday.
Keep your fingers crossed that little man will keep doing better and better!
Made myself a lovely spinach and protein shake when I got home from the gym today, it was divine.
In case your wondering, you can't taste the spinach whatsoever.
And just thought that I should mention, I'm 33 1/2 weeks and am still cookin little man. 
It's a new record :)