May 9, 2011


Alright well, I must admit to you all what a failure I am. 
Ya know how I told you I would post pictures of Ash and Fell's wedding?
Ya well that's not going to happen. I am a loser and completely forgot my camera ALL DAY.
So no pics from me but I'm sure Ash will be posting some soon enough that will be a lot better then any pics I would have taken. 
I will give you a little recap of their big day though. 
The day started out with a brunch at the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial building, the food was delicious and they played a really cute video of them, with pics of them growing up and Ash and Fell telling how they met and dated and such.
Then it was the sealing at the Salt Lake Temple, which was beautiful.
Followed by pictures then we got Kale from my mom's and headed up to the Feller's.
Wow that place was so beautifully decorated, they sure did an amazing job. 
Ash of course looked amazing all day, the reception was so much fun, there was dancing, friends and great food. 
Thank you guys so much for letting us be apart of your big day, we love you and congratulations!

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  1. It was good seeing you at the reception! I can't wait to see ash's pictures from the rest of the day, it sounds like it was perfect!