May 9, 2011

Can I just say

I hate bad spellers.
Correction, I don't actually hate them, I just hate it that they can't spell a word correctly. 
I know it sounds rude but it just drives me insane! 
Just right click on the bloody word to see if you spelled it right! 
I know that lots of times it's just an accident and they miss it but when they do it more then once and your sitting there going, really? You don't know how do spell that?
Come on, let's try just a smidgen harder please. 
So I am BEGGING all of you, if I ever spell something wrong PLEASE tell me.
Wow I sound so evil right now but it's just one of my stupid pet peeves that I can't help. 
Also when people chew like cows with their mouth's going side to side. Oh ya that is definitely in the number one slot.
Thanks for letting me rant and rave once again to you all.

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