May 20, 2011

Ferg Family Lingo

Hola everyone!
Today I thought I might share a few words and nicknames that are regulars in our home so that if I repeat them in a post you will know what the heck I'm talking about.
First and foremost:
Narf- I read once that it is a word that is put in place of another word, for example:
"Jon go change Kale's narfing bum" in other words,
"Jon go change Kale's freaking bum"
Wah lah!
Narf has been around for as long as I can remember because of Jon, and no matter how hard you try it rubs off on you somehow if your around us enough, all our families say it and some friends as well, I tried for a long time to resist the narf but it just get's in there somehow. 
Other forms of narf:
Narfer- A person who is a narf
Narfing- As used earlier
Narf Hole- A really bad narfer
And other common words in the Ferguson household:
Noggleberry- Head
Squishy- Kale
Turkey- A cheeky person
Turka- A turkey
Googenheimershmit- Kale
Jew Jew Bear Bean- Can be either an endearing term or a not so endearing term, depends on the conversation
Thomas and or Mr. Thomas- Kale
Mork Forter- A narf
Messo and or Messo Soup- Kale
Fahja- Jon
 Farka- A fart
Poopaladoopala- A Kale poop
Shtinky Winky- A stinky Kale poop
Stinkala- Another stinky Kale poop
 Shnookums- A really annoying nickname that Jon hates so I use it often
Babykins- A nickname that I came up with in high school that we use for each other, I thought it was completely unique but apparently many people use it... which is lame
Conquestador- Used when something is shocking for example
"Conquestador!" could mean "Oh my heck!"
Ricta- Nickname for Kale used by Jon
Belvadeer- A person that is type of deer that is also a narf
Raptillion- A person that relates to a reptile, used as an insult 
(we hate reptiles in this house)
Rapscallion- Another form of Raptillion
Shmorgasboard- A person that is a narfer for example
"Your such a shmorgasboard!" could mean "Your such a narfer!"
Bokliva- Nickname for Kale used by Jon
Kalericvonliktenstein- Kale 
Dooseldorf- Jon or Kale
Doofenshmirtz and or Doof- Kale
Deefen Derfer- Nickname for Kale used by Rachel
Turd- Usually refers to Kale for being a turkey can also apply to Jon
Honey Bear Bee- A nickname I use for Kale that Jon absolutely hates because he says it sounds like honey barbie
Now time for a little Kale Slang:
HairDada and or HairDa- Where's dada?
Ahoy-a- Where did it go?
Ba- Ball
Mimi- .... Still trying to figure that one out
B! B!- Blue Blankie
Bebe- Baby
Brrrrrrrmmmmm- Car
Pease Pease- Please
Na-na- Londyn
And there you have it, a little insight to what is said on a daily basis in the Ferg house.


  1. Love this! I just might have to copy this idea and write a few of the funny words we say.. this was such a cute post:) I think my favorite word up there was "conquestador!", haha, such a good word!

  2. Ha, Em. You and your family are so odd! I love you guys.

  3. Ps, cute blog layout! I'm glad you follow my aunts blog- I am momma: hear me roar. :)