Feb 8, 2012

Jazz Time

 Saturday my awesome parents took me and Jonathan to the Jazz game.
I was so excited, we usually don't follow sports too closely but we have been really into basketball this year and have watched all the Jazz games.
So needless to say that the fact that it was against the Lakers made me even more excited.
My parents are some of the most giving people you will ever meet.
They are always willing to help out, lend a hand in any way that they can.
That's me and my cute mama, and my dad decided to pop in at the last second too.
I had so much fun at the game, and I know Jon had an even better time then I did.
 Of course we had to get some roasted almonds... When the booth is right above your seats and that's all you can smell during the first half it's kind of impossible not to practically sprint to get some at halftime.
I swear they sit with fans at the top blowing that irresistible smell down... Evil people.
What made this night even more awesome is that we beat the stupid Lakers! Woot Woot!
It was such a fun game, thank you so much mom and dad for thinking of us, we had such a great time!
Till next time.

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