Feb 10, 2012

Friday Food For Thought

Where to begin...
Today has been "one of those days"
I woke up at 7:30 so that I would have plenty of time to get myself and Kale man ready so I could go play volleyball at 9.
Kale woke up at 8:00 and needed to poopoo, so I sat him down on the toilet, he did his business, I went to throw it in the toilet and disinfect "ribbit" and then I go back into Kale's room to see Kale with poo all down his legs, feet, and walking all over his carpet, making a nice poo trail across his bedroom floor.
Isn't this the exact thing you wish happened to you at 8 in the morning today? I bet it is.
I threw Kale in the tub and tried to get as much poop off the floor as I could, while doing this Kale then proceeded to get out of the tub, and walk out of the bathroom, therefore, getting poo all over the two rugs in the bathroom, on the tile, and on the carpet outside of the bathroom as well.
I guess that was sort of my fault, thinking that he would stay in the tub with no water in it, just because I told him to. Duh.
I called Jon in a panic to see if he could go and pick up my mom's carpet cleaner from her house and he couldn't get away from work, so then I made another call to my mom at 8:30 in the morning begging her to bring me her carpet cleaner, and of course she is the best and said she would.
So while waiting for the carpet cleaner, I went and scraped the poo off of Kale, and by then his tub was covered with the stuff so once he was semi clean I grabbed him and threw him into our tub and tried to do my best and disinfect him with antibacterial hand soap (oh yes I did) followed by his regular soap and a lot of hot water.
The morning continued with lots more poo from Kale man, (thankfully all made it in the toilet) it's hard to stay upset with him when I know he had a sick tummy and just couldn't make it to the potty.
The rest of my morning was spent cleaning tubs, washing rugs, clearing out Kale's room into the babies room so I could get to as much carpet as possible and then cleaning his carpet... twice.
It was totally how I wanted to spend my Friday morning :)
On to better things, yesterday my cute cousin Michelle came and visited me.
Michelle was my bestest best friend in High School. We did pretty much everything together.
 This is us in High School when we went to New York... We were a bit odd back then.
I love this girl so much, and I am so glad she came over yesterday, she even brought Kale an awesome Star Wars ball for his birthday coming up and brought me a baby gift.
Ya, she's the best and I am so grateful she is apart of my life.
Love you woman, thanks for the presents and coming over!
Happy weekend everyone, wish me no more poop to fill up my days!

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