Feb 20, 2012

pedi time

Last night we got back from a weekend away at Timberlakes with my mom's entire side of the family.
We had a blast, I love it up there, pics are soon to come.
It always amazes me how much laundry you come home from a trip with.
I got my pedi last week, it was amazing.
I think I almost fell asleep like 8 times.
If you have never had one, you need to go get one (cough cough mom) 
Complete with blue flower for baby boy :)
And yes I know I have fingers for toes.
Go ahead, gawk away.
I have been very grateful for my finger-toes lately though.
Bending over nine months pregnant is about the last thing I ever want to do and being able to pick up things with my toes is quite nice.
I love you finger-toes.
Happy Monday everyone!
Till next time.


  1. Ahah, finger toes... You're cute, Em! My mom and I have started going to Sanctuary Day Spa for pedicures every spring, it's sooo relaxing. Baby boy will be here soon, I hope everything goes perfect for you and your fam!

  2. Super duper cute! Where did you go?

    1. To sarah of course :) she's the best