Feb 23, 2012


 This is what my Thursday's are made up of, sitting for an hour for an NST (non stress test) with those things super tight on my tummy making little man angry, then going in for my regular Dr. appointment, taking up most of the afternoon.
And I love it.
Seriously it never gets old listening to his heart beat and listening to him move around making the machine go crazy sounding like there's a Star Wars lightsaber battle going on in the room... and getting to sit and relax for an hour is a nice perk.
And guess what, doc said she will induce me March 13th :)
As in 19 days.
Narf ya.
That still feels way too far away though, if he came at any time I would love him so very much, I'm getting rather uncomfortable.
And if I did have him on the 13th him and Kale will both be born on the 13th just a month difference. 
Time cannot move quickly enough right now.
I want him here so bad.
19 days... 19 days... 19 days...
I can do it!
Till next time.

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