Feb 12, 2012


 Our weekend has consisted of poo, poo, and more poop.
Remember how I asked to wish me luck and have no more poo?
Ya it didn't happen.
Friday night we were up till one, then up again at 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8, cleaning up poo and vomit.
Saturday consisted of more poo throughout the day till late afternoon.
I am completely amazed and perplexed at how much poo can be in a little boys system.
Today is a little better, the poop has almost completely stopped, (thank heavens)
Kale hasn't eaten a single thing today, he has only wanted apple juice.
I did manage to get him to eat some top ramen yesterday at lunch though.
It's so hard to not fret and worry when your kid isn't eating.
Kale's doc always says though that kids aren't going to starve themselves, they will eat when they are ready to.
I still have been trying to get him to drink as much as I can get into him though.
I think I may have gotten whatever he has a little bit, I felt pretty crummy all day yesterday, today is a lot better but I still don't feel 100%.
I feel so bad, there's nothing worse than the flu, (if that's what it is)
We were so exhausted from our sleepless nights Friday and Saturday, that when Kale woke up at 8 this morning we turned on a movie in our room and me and Jon slept till 10:30, it was glorious.
Hopefully tonight will be a better night and we can all get some sleep and Kale man will continue to get better, if not we may be hitting up the doctor tomorrow, not exactly what you want to be doing on your little mans birthday.
Wish us luck.


  1. Oh poop! That doesn't sound like the greatest weekend, I'm sorry! Is he making it to (or almost to) the toilet for any of these little moments? You're a great mom, Kale is so lucky!

    1. Yes and no, he would make it to the toilet for the most of it but there would always be a little in his undies so for Saturday we resorted to diapers... changing poo undies every ten minutes is not fun, plus I didn't want poo stains on all his undies haha.

  2. AH, hang in there Em! Sorry Kale man isn't feeling so hot... Sorry to hear you may have caught the bug!!! I can only imagine being pregnant, tired and sick and still trying to take care of your little guy. You are amazing ;) Hope you guys feel better soon

    1. Thanks so much! It was not one of my most fond weekends haha