Mar 4, 2011

Jelly Fish

I'm writing this post today to share with you all the world of Julian Smith.
The other day I posted on Facebook 
"Jelly+Fish take some jelly take some fish look at that sandwich de-lish"
and NO ONE on knew what this meant and that made me very very sad. 
So here I am today introducing you to Julian Smith and everything that comes with it. 
A little background on Julian Smith-
He made a video making fun of Facebook and put it on YouTube and it went viral very quickly. So quickly in fact YouTube decided to make him a partner with YouTube.
 a partner? ya I know right?
Also the people at Facebook saw his video and thought it was pretty funny so they invited him to their headquarters
This first video some of you have probably seen and is one that got his name out there. Every sound is from the Jeep.

This second video is one of our favorites 
The other thing that makes this video so great is if I turn it on, Kale starts dancing like a mad man to it, I love it.
This third video is where my status update came from 
If after you've watched these and you are going..... Wow those were the stupidest things I have ever seen and were a huge waste of my time. 
That's exactly what I said the first time Jon showed them to me.
Just do me a favor, watch them a couple times and I promise you, every time you watch them they will just get funnier and funnier and if they don't... Well I guess we just don't have the same sense of humor. 
If you do like them other favorites of ours include:
Red Eye Flashes Twice
Want to see the shirt that I am dying to get myself and Jon?

Pretty awesome right? They're at Hot Topic and I might just have to get us some.
I hope all of you have found a new joy in discovering Julian Smith, I know we sure have.

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