Mar 9, 2011

Little Baby Ethan

I'm so excited for this post. So as you all know my awesome friend Michelle had her baby yesterday!! And they were nice enough to let me come and visit them today! 
Little Ethan Andrew Emmons weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and is so freaking cute. 
I haven't seen a newborn baby for a while and I forgot how tiny and sweet they are.
Ah I love everything about newborn babies, who the heck doesn't?
I love their smell, their little cries, how whenever something is touching their face they try to get it to their mouth, how they Love to be all bundled up, and how they know already who their momma and daddy are after being here for only a day. 
I just have to share with you all a little background on me and Michelle because it's hilarious. 
So while we were in high school me and Jon broke up and he started dating Michelle, and that was sooo not okay. I hated, no more like loathed her. Seriously she was my arch nemesis. And I won't deny it I talked a lot of crap on her, but come on, my boyfriend of forever just got with this cute blonde, who wouldn't be a little angry?
Anyways as you all know me and Jon got back together but I still just hated her, all through high school. And trust me, she knew it too, I tried to make it very clear to her. 
I really didn't hate anybody and I considered myself a nice person to everyone, except her. How sad huh? I was so evil you guys.
So how did we ever become friends? I honestly don't really know, we just started talking on Facebook and figured out that we have A LOT in common and we are very similar.
 So I got over myself and now we are great friends!
But back to cute little Ethan, he is so precious, I'm officially baby hungry.
Thanks Michelle, it's all your fault.
There's the little man! Sorry this pic is a little blurry 
  Cute little family!
 Look how cute and tiny he is! Ah I couldn't get enough of him
 Cute new momma!
He's so sweet you guys, I could just hold him and cuddle him all day. 
 It was so fun to go see them and meet their sweet little man, thank you guys! 
I also have to tell you guys how excited I am for tomorrow cause Brady and Brooke are getting married! Yay! I love those two. I can't wait, it's going to be such a fun day!

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