Mar 28, 2011

he thinks he's funny

Today at breakfast Kale discovered a new trick that I have honestly been dreading for him to figure out.
He found out that if you blow into a straw instead of suck it makes bubbles and shoots milk everywhere! Yay! 
He thought it was absolutely hilarious so I let him do it for a sec and I whipped out my camera
  It's so funny the things that he picks up on and remembers. Forever ago when we were teaching him mama and dada we would pat our chests and I'd say "mama" and Jon would say "dada"
Today I was standing in the kitchen and Kale walks around the corner patting his chest  going "mama mama mama mama" it made me laugh, it was just so funny because he's been saying mama and dada forever but he's never done that before.
It just makes you realize that when you think they aren't listening to a word you say, they actually are and they will remember it too.

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