Mar 1, 2011

First Getaway of 2011

Hola everyone. This past weekend we went on our first vaca of 2011 and I got to tell ya, it was very much needed. We had SO much fun. 
We went up to Hydes cabin (good friends of my families) it's up in Heber area just higher. We went cause on Thursday it was my sister Rachel's Birthday and then on Sunday it was my Dad's Birthday so we went to celebrate their birthday's. 
There was A LOT of snow. I'm really sick of the snow and beyond ready for it to be summer but it was so much fun having that much snow outside.
See? It was a lot of freaking snow. That's a massive wall of snow behind us, and it was all powder. 
The best part about the weekend was that Kale loved the snow. He had so much fun playing in it getting pulled around on the sled and riding with daddy on the snowmobiles.

Kale got even more happy when his bestest best friend got there.
Right after I took this picture Kale threw this in my face. He planned the whole thing you can tell. 
It was such a great weekend. Tons of snow, food, family, ping pong, snowmobiling, sledding, Kale and Londyn, and german chocolate cake. It couldn't have been better, I wish we were still up there. I hope all of you had as good of a weekend as we did!



  1. Em seriously love the blog! Its so fun to see how your family is doing. Kale is getting so big-I can hardly believe it!! You guys are great! Thanks for letting us see a piece of your life! :)

  2. Thanks Whit your so sweet! I'm glad someone reads it haha