Mar 12, 2011


I was planning on sharing with you guys our week and how awesome it's been so far but I'm a really big procrastinator and I don't feel like doing it quite yet :)
So instead, I am going to go play with my Kale man who currently playing with tampon's in my bathroom. Awesome.
 I have to go to the store today which I'm not too pleased about. 
A little word of advice to those of you who are just married or about to tie the knot, 
do not go grocery shopping on Saturday's!
It will take you twice as long because of the crowds and will make your husband who hates you for making him go grocery shopping with you in the first place, extra grumpy.
Food for thought.  
If you would excuse me I have to go clean up a Costco size amount of tampon's that have successfully made their way from my bathroom into Kale's crib, and also get my toothbrush from his mouth. 
Till next time.

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  1. Ha ha so true! I would rather die than set foot in a grocery store on a saturday. Ps costco is even worse than the grocery store!!