Apr 20, 2011

of course!

Yesterday me, my mom, Kale and Londy set out to find some Easter outfits :)
We headed over to Fashion Place, (my favorite mall) to see what we could find. 
I had already pretty much found what I wanted to get Kale while me and Jon were at the Carter's outlet up in Park City over the weekend so that's where we headed to first. 
I was very happy to find that they had the sizes I needed because they didn't in PC.  
I was walking around looking at all the many things I could so easily get for Kale and spotted something...
It just like jumped out at me, I was so sad! It was a swimming suit... that I liked better then the one we got on Saturday, like a lot better.
After a long time of debating whether to get it and take his other one I just bought back, we decided that he just needed it, we're pathetic I know, it's a serious problem.
So here it is, let me know what you think, a good choice?
And the one we got the other day
I love them both to be honest and Jon's comment was 
"why not just keep them both?"
Which I must admit sounds very appealing, what 2 year old doesn't need three swimsuits right?...... 
sensing the sarcasm?
He has one from last year that fits him still so that's where the 3 come from. 
My reasoning behind this is that it's not like they will just sit in his drawer, we are constantly boating between our two families and we are going to Lake Powell and we go to Bear Lake at least twice every year so they will most definitely get worn, so why not right?
I can't believe that I have sat here explaining to you all my dilemma over a swimsuit... I'm sorry. 
I know, I have issues, I'm working on it :) sort of
OH! Another plus about this swimsuit! So if you look closely, there's a little patch on the bottom of the left leg and it is sewn upside down so the lady gave us and extra 20% off the already 20%! Pretty sweet eh? I thought so, and who the heck cares about a little upside down patch? Definitely not me.
Plus plus! They only had it in a 3T which means (I'm hoping) that this will fit him next summer. Cross your fingers, he's growing like a weed right now, all the shoes he got for Christmas barely fit him, it's quite an ordeal to shove his shoes on. 
Ok I'm done ranting about Kale's swimsuits, I promise. 
And don't worry I won't be offended if you didn't read this post because you think it's absurd I posted about my sons swimsuit.
Oh ok one more thing, look what else we got :)
 He's kind of obsessed with them, I love it.

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