Apr 18, 2011

the boys

This past weekend was such a great weekend, we had so much fun.
So for me it started on Thursday night with a volleyball game, it's so much fun to be playing with girls from school again, we just sit and laugh the whole time. 
Then Friday morning I went to volleyball again but with different people, we get together every Friday morning at a church and everyone brings they're little kids and they all just run around the halls while we play, it's great. 
Jon got off early on Friday cause his boss left so he did too haha so we decided to go walk around the Gateway for a bit. It was so nice out (shocking right?) we walked around for quite a while going in and out of stores then we got some Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which Jon said was the best ice cream he's ever had, and mine was exceptionally delicious as well, and went and sat by the fountain. Kale loved watching all the kids running through it so we kind of let him run through it too, it wasn't warm enough for him to get totally drenched. 
I'm so sad, I got my camera out to record them running through and my camera was having a retard moment so this was all I got :(
Saturday we woke up and cleaned for a while then decided to do P90X so we wouldn't have to get a babysitter and go to the gym. Kale loves it when we work out at home, he tries to do the moves with us, (tries being the key word here) it's so cute, not to mention he was naked which made it 10x cuter. After we had been doing it for a while he must have gotten tuckered out cause he just plopped down on the couch and put a blankey over him.
Then we put him down for a nap, showered and made some lunch and when he woke up we decided it was time for a hair cut. 
We just use a buzzer? I don't know what they're called put we just put an extension thing on it so it's not a total buz. So Kale's sitting there naked in an empty tub, not happy to boot, and while we're cutting his hair and our cutters die. Perfect! So I haul butt up to my parents run in don't say a word to anybody and grab they're cutters and book it back home, poor guy he was not very happy about it hahaha. 
I didn't realize how long his hair was till we were done, doesn't that look like a ton of hair from a little head? It did to me.
Once we were done we headed up to Park City.
We went to the outlet mall and guess what! Hallelujah joy to the world I found some board shorts! I seriously have been looking for years for a pair of board shorts that aren't so short your buttcheeks hang out the bottom, I'm so excited! We also found Kale man a really cute swimsuit at Carter's, ah I could spend wayyyy too much money at that store, it's a good thing Jon was with me cause I probably would have gone over board. We were up there walking around for quite a while, I love it up there. 
Both of the boys got hair cuts, pretty cute eh?
Then we decided on Red Rock for dinner. Mmmm best fish and chips ever. I love that place way to much for how pricey it is (40 bucks before the tip is a lot to me ok?)

 I am so thankful for phones with the internet, seriously it's like our life savor, Kale is HATING his car seat lately for some reason. Like serious temper tantrums if he's in there for a while so we just whip out Jon's phone and turn on some Word World and he's set, it's so freaking nice.
So once we got home we of course had to have a little fashion show and have Kale try on his new swimsuit, I'm so glad we got it
 Then we all got in our pj's and made a huge bed in our living room downstairs, got all cuddled in, and turned on a movie, Kale loved it. We used every single blanket we have, it was actually really comfy.
 We watched Dinosaur, which was unbelievably boring but Kale enjoyed it. Then we put him down for the night and Jon went and got us Orange Leaf :) and we watched Pearl Harbor.
It was one of the best weekends I've had in a while, it was so nice and fun to hang out with my boys, just us three.

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  1. So cute. Good job with Kale's hair! I need to learn. Sounds like it was a really great weekend. I love you guys, and the life you have together. You're wonderful examples to me!