Apr 13, 2011

Killer Queen

Word up, it's word girl
Does anyone on this planet besides me ever watch that show? 
I wouldn't if Kale didn't enjoy it, I don't even like it for that matter, Word World is much much more interesting,  but anyways, I have had the opening song stuck in my head all freaking morning long and I'm seriously going insane.
So, want to know my fix? Some Queen :) 
Queen just makes your whole day better. 
Do you have a band that you grew up with? Queen is mine, and I know my brothers and sister would agree with me. They remind me of driving to Bear Lake with all of us shoved into a car, blasting Queen singing at the top of our lungs. 
Much like this, aka one of the best movie scenes ever. 
   I am in love with Freddie Mercury's voice, it's so amazing and unique, it's so sad that he died young... Just think of all the amazing songs that could be here today. And ya, I know what he died of and that some people refuse to listen to their music because of the things he did and that's fine, that's their choice and I respect it but I don't feel like just because of what they did in their personal life is reason to not listen to them.
 It's one thing if their song lyrics are bad but their songs are 99% clean, especially compared to what is out there today. Their songs are happy, upbeat, and make you feel good. I don't have to go explore his life and the things he did, I can listen to his music and enjoy it, and not try to find hidden meanings behind the lyrics, I take them for what they are. That the man wanted to ride a freaking bicycle mmmk? 
Don't worry I'm off my soap box now. 
Anyways, I think Queen is with out a doubt one of the greatest bands of all time. 
There are too many amazing songs to share that are my favorite but as of lately I'm pretty in love with don't stop me now.

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