Apr 26, 2011


I have so many things that I need to post about right now, but I just don't have time. 
(and I'm kind of not in the mood for a huemassive long post)
I totally could have posted yesterday but I just wasn't feeling it. 
So I'll just wait another day to post about our weekend festivities and such.
Oh and want to know something great? Jon's best friend Jord gets home today :)
Jon is so excited, last night while driving home we were talking about the last time that Jord came over to our house to say goodbye and how it seemed like it would be an eternity before we saw him again, but holy crap time sure does fly. 
Part of our conversation went a little like this:
Me: " I can't believe he gets home tomorrow, remember how you cried when he left our house?"
Jon: "I DID NOT CRY!!!!"
Me: " Oh my, yes you did"
Jon: " Emily don't lie, you know I didn't cry"
Me: " Ok, you might not have been actually crying but your eyes got all teary"
Jon: " Whatever........ Liar."
He totally cried
Get what else I get to do today, Jon is taking me birthday shopping, I'm pretty excited about it. 
This is a pic from our weekend, I'll share more soon

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  1. Cute! I believe you Em, he probably cried haha
    I hope your birthday shopping is successful and fun ;) Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! We'll miss you at Volleyball