Apr 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

We are big time Easter losers this year.
We didn't get anything at all, even for Kale man, I know we are failures.
Ok I take that back, we did get Kale man a really cute Easter outfit but no baskets or any other goodies.
We just figured that 
A- He won't remember anyways
B- He has absolutely no clue what Easter is or that it is Easter
C- All the candy that we would buy to put in his basket we would just end up eating
But we are still losers I know
Next year we will start baskets 
So we went over to Mazee's house for dinner and for an egg hunt
Woohoo! At least we did something Easter-ie right? 
(thanks to my family)
Dinner was amazing as it always is with my family, and of course there was enough food to feed a small army. I was in charge of the Acini De Pepi Salad this year I had never made one before but it's ridiculously easy and unbelievably delicious. 
When my mom called me to tell me what I was supposed to make I just kept going
what? huh? what? Mom I don't understand what the freak you are saying! 
finally after saying acini de pepi about 10 times she just said a frog eye salad! 
...light bulb! 
Well why the heck didn't you just say frog eye salad in the narfing first place!
Anyways, I don't know why I felt so inclined to share that story with you
 Kale loved the egg hunt, he understood what he was supposed to do after about the second egg.
 Best picture ever
 Daddy helping Kale man get hot wheels out of the trees
Kale likes taking pictures just about as much as dad
 Kale loves uncle Josh
Even though we are losers we still had a really great Easter, and Kale had a ton of fun which is all that matters.
And in case your wondering the the heck happened to my child's head, no I did not beat him which apparently the first assumption everyone comes to, he decided to superman jump into the corner of our coffee table Sunday morning. Apparently he decided he should have an egg on his head to go with the Easter theme.
Oh and that puppy in all the videos is named Cudi, he's Josh and Chelsea's new baby, cutest dog ever? Pretty much ya


  1. Holy CUTE BLOG! I'm so behind on blogging, its redonkulous (another family word). I think only our family calls that salad Acini De Pepi. It was freakin delicious and I have been craving more since! Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY - YOU OLD LADY!!!

  2. holy crap em, i didnt know you had these little clips of cudi when he was a puppy!! so adorable! i cant believe how long ago this was, the kids are so tiny!!