Apr 27, 2011

Friday at the Aquarium

Here I go at catching up on postesess. 
Friday Jon took the day off of work, and worked on Known things for most of the day, I love it when he's home with me and Kale, we have so much fun.
In the afternoon we went to the living planet aquarium in Sandy with my family.
I've been there once while I was preggers with Kale and Jon had never been there and I was excited to go with my guys.
Kale had the time of his life, he loved being able to run around looking at everything and not being strapped into a stroller the whole time. We need to find more places like this for kids that has a lot of hands on activities. 
We discovered our kid is kind of wimpy, he got scared at a couple of things like the penguins but after a couple minutes he got used to them and loved them. 
I'm really glad we made the treck out to 106th south, I had a great time and I know that Jon and Kale man did too. 
Here are a couple of the pics from our field trip
 You can pet these guys, they gross me out
 I LOVE making him take pictures with me
 We will most definitely be visiting this place again!


  1. The dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point is awesome! They have a place where the kids get to 'dig' for dinosaur bones in a bunch of sand, build a damn out of mud with little cars and people, and tons more!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the info we will definitely have to check it out with all this rainy weather