Dec 22, 2011

my favorite breakfast

 Ok so Jon absolutely hates my favorite breakfast but I love it so I'm still going to share it.
I actually got this idea from Mrs. Pennington in 8th grade.
I loved that lady, she was the best teacher ever. 
I had her first period and she was always eating this weird concoction that looked yummy so one day I asked her what the heck it was she was eating, went home and tried it and I've been eating it ever since.
What you will need:
 grape nuts cereal
a banana... maybe a more happy looking banana than mine
yogurt of your choice, I've tried different flavors but my favorite is Key Lime Pie
Pour about a cup of grape nuts into bowl, slice banana over cereal, pour yogurt over banana's, add milk and your golden.
 The thing I love most about this breakfast is it keeps you full for a long time, so you can make it to lunch without chowing down on other things. And not to mention it's good for you, unlike most breakfast foods and cereals out there.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good, but I do not like grape nuts... we bought a costco size box about a year ago and never ate it haha I will have to try it with granola or something ;)