Dec 18, 2011

well that was embarrassing

Saturday I was at the gym doing the elliptical, and watching tv on the small personal screen of the machine, with my headphones plugged into it.
Then this commercial came on that I had never seen before...
Stupid commercial.
I couldn't help it, and I busted out laughing hysterically. 
Soon after, I realized that pretty much everyone in the gym was staring at me. No doubt wondering if I had lost my mind... even the people in front of me turned around to stare.
I felt so stupid, and the best part is I couldn't stop laughing for a good 30 seconds... Even though everyone was gawking at me.
Freaking pregnancy hormones.
They haven't been bad at all till very recently, but all of the sudden I can't control my emotions.
Needless to say when I got done with my workout I booked it out of there trying very hard not to look at anyone directly.
Once I was in the car I decided that at least I was just laughing, and that I hadn't started crying at some absurd thing.
That probably would have been a lot more embarrassing.
And whats worse is it's such a stupid commercial, yet every time I see it I can't help from busting up.
What a fun day at the gym.
Thanks pregnancy hormones for making feel like a crazy lady!
Till next time.

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  1. And thank you pregnancy hormones for giving the rest of us a good laugh! Ha ha that is hilarious Em, I totally know how you feel. I usually cry though