Dec 28, 2011

Christmas is coming

 I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!
Our 4th Christmas together was one of the best yet.
We started the festivities on Friday and have been having fun since.
Jon took this whole week off so we are just having so much fun being together all day.
We weren't very smart with pictures this year, we took about a zillion pictures between my phone, Jon's phone, our camera, and now our (new) camcorder (YAY!) 
So I have four devices that I need to get all of our Christmas festivities off of and organized, and I haven't wanted to spend much time on the computer cause I would much rather be hanging with my boys.
So I may not be getting around to posting about the Holiday's till next week.
If I don't, I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's and stay up way to late!
Till next time.

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