Dec 9, 2011

get here March

 March is going to be a pretty dang awesome month.
Firstly because little man will be arriving.
(well, at least he better still be in their cooking till March)
I can't wait to meet him.
Secondly because it's Jonathan's Birthday on the 27th. 
22 years old... What an old fart.
And thirdly because I just finished reading book one of The Hunger Games and the movie is out March 23rd.
And dare I say it I might be even more excited for it then Twilight. 
Oh yes I said it.
It's going to be quite the month.
I can't wait.
Me, my madre, Kale and Londyn headed over to the Dickens Festival today to get a picture with Father Christmas a.k.a Santa Claus.
We get a Santa picture every year with Kale and Londy and last years pic didn't turn out so good... Kale was terrified of Santa and was screaming the entire time.
So this year I have been amp-ing Santa up, talking about him, telling Kale how nice he is, and that on Christmas morning Santa will bring him presents etc.
I was nervous going in to see how Kale would react to him but as soon as he saw Santa he got SO excited and wanted to go see him.
He ran straight up to him, hopped on his lap and kept saying "HO HO HO!"
Then he'd look at me "MOMMA! It's HO HO!" pointing to Santa.
It made my day to say the least. 
Till next time.

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