Nov 12, 2011

Time for a Change

Thursday I had a doctor appointment with my new doctor.
I switched doctors because I wasn't loving my old doctor and wanted a change.
And boy am I glad I did.
My new doctor and her whole team are FABULOUS.
I feel so much more at ease.
Turns out I'm actually 23 weeks almost 24, not 21 like my previous doctor had said.
Two weeks ahead? Heck yes I'll take it. 
He never measured my stomach so he never knew, he just went off of when my last period was.
Yep, I'm glad I switched.
My old doctor was a very good doctor, he just wasn't for me.
It was funny while talking to my new doctor she asked who delivered Kale and I told her Melissa Brown, who I loved but can't go to now because she doesn't accept our new insurance.
And she said "Oh well Melissa is fabulous, I would know, I trained her."
It made me laugh, what a small world, and wow she has a lot of experience. 
 So things are looking great, let's keep it that way.
Happy weekend everyone!
Tonight we are getting together with the ENTIRE gang, and I am so excited.
First time in over 3 years that we will all be together.
Can't wait to see you all!
Till next time.


  1. OMFH! I LOVE Melissa Brown. She is THE BEST OBGYN I have ever known. I want to get prego just so I can have her for my OBGYN again lol love her. She's the absolute best but she's got like a 3 year waiting period if you're not an OB patient and currently prego.

  2. You look hot, Em! Yay for good doctors.

  3. Glad you like Macy! she really does have a ton of experience and she is the cutest little lady too. And I'm also excited that we are that much closer together too ;) Baby boy's will have to play a lot!

  4. Em, you look really pretty in this picture. I'm being as genuine as I can through this message.. lol but you really do.

    But really.. seriously. really.