Nov 16, 2011

baby boy

I had my big ultrasound today.
There's nothing better then getting to see your little one squirming around in your tummy.
There was one downer though.
The doc told me that I am actually 22 weeks and not 24 like they had thought from the other day.
At least it's not like a month difference right?
But other then that baby boy is completely healthy and everything looks fabulous. 
He was being a bit shy, he didn't want us to see his profile so he decided to bend himself in half and hide his face.
It's hard to tell in this picture but his head is bottom left with his face pointing upwards, his torso is in the upper left corner then his arm is above his head followed by his foot  higher up.
That cannot be comfortable.
Can't wait to meet that little man.
Till next time.


  1. SO exciting!!! I'm so happy for you Em! Such a cute little family soon to expand. Hope the pregnancy hasn't been to hard. Happy Thursday!

  2. How fun :) I've never seen an ultrasound like that! Thanks for explaining where everything is, now I can see him haha. I love the new pictures! You're a beauty!

  3. Congratulations Emily!! Your family is beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of your new little man :) How exciting that Kale is going to be a big brother!