Nov 10, 2011

Spanish Rice

 To be perfectly honest I'm almost embarrassed to post this recipe because it's so stupidly easy.
I don't even think it qualifies as a recipe.
But it is so yummy.
This is the perfect meal for your hubby to make for dinner when you are not home because it's pretty much impossible to mess up.
What you will need:
1 package of Spanish Rice
1 pound hamburger meat
1 can of corn
1 package crescent rolls (optional)
 Start by cooking hamburger meat in one pan and cooking Spanish Rice in another, according to directions on package.
Once both are done, add meat to Spanish Rice, drain corn and add as well. 
.....And that's it.
Tough I know.
Serve with some yummy crescent rolls, a side salad and your set, dinner in 20 minutes.
Don't judge, I do know how to cook with actual ingredients and recipes that involve more than four things, and I will share some soon :)
  -My poor dad completely tore his Achilles tendon this week playing basketball and had reconstructive surgery today.
I went to see him tonight and he was still pretty loopy, it did make for some fun conversations.
Get better quick dad, I love you!

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