Nov 30, 2011

brain damage

The other day me and Kale were in the kitchen making cookies.
Kale loves to pour the ingredients in and mix them so it's the one time he is allowed to sit up on the counter.
I had just poured melted butter over sugar and turned to the fridge to get the eggs out.
And then... I hear Kale spit....
I turn around in time to see a big glob of spit fall right into the cookie mixture...
My first reaction was to scream, and to run over to the bowl to try and dig out the spit, but there was no use, I couldn't see it anywhere.
I then said "Kale!! What on the face of the earth were you thinking!"
To which he just looked at me and started laughing hysterically...
When things like this happen my mind always goes back to a skit from Bill Cosby Himself, and I can't help from cracking up, even when I'm fuming mad.
 Sometimes I know I look exactly how he says his wife looks.
I don't think there is a mom on the planet who hasn't looked that way at one time or another.
It's funny, when your on the cereal isle at the grocery store and your child has a mental breakdown, other mom's look at you as if to say 
"I feel your pain"
And then when the tables are turned and you see another mom or dad trying to do everything humanly possible to get the child to stop having a mental breakdown in the middle of a restaurant, you can't help but think 
"thank heavens it's not mine right now" 
and then proceed by giving her the look of 
"don't worry, I feel your pain"
I love children.
I have seen this movie countless times and each time I still end up with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Here are two more skits from the movie that I couldn't help from sharing.
Best movie ever, if you ever see it, make sure and grab it, you won't regret it.
If you've got one, go give your brain damaged child a big kiss.
P.S. I may or may not have found a small, hard foreign food object in the batter while mixing the cookies, to which I quickly and silently just fished it out... And didn't tell Jon...  
What he don't know don't hurt him right?
Till next time.

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