Nov 27, 2011

black friday and Thanksgiving

I am so sad that this week is over.
For the first time since our wedding three years ago the entire Ferguson family was all together.
Kale has had so much fun playing with his cousins every day.
There are 13 grandkids under the age of 6... which equals insanity at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.
This year we were lucky enough to have two Thanksgiving dinners, one with my family on Thanksgiving and then another the day after with Jon's fam.
And guess what.
I am a failure at life and succeeded at not taking a single photo of the entire weekend!
Go me!
I love all you Fergy's so much and had a blast with you all!
 Every  year me, my mom and sister go out to the Carter's store at Fashion Place mall at midnight on black Friday.
It's the only store we go to... and probably for good reason, we know how to do some serious damage between the three of us.
Jon's only comment on our outing was
"wow... you guys have problems"
In my defense it's almost a crime to not go.
Why you ask?
Maybe because I got a 65 dollar diaper bag for 13 bucks.
I know right?
You can't do much better then 80% off.
I totally feel justified.
Thanks to mama and Rach for the fun girls outing, I can't wait to do it again next year.

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