Sep 21, 2011

the Fair 2011

Oh how I love the fair.
This year was ten times better too.
Kale knew all the animals, he loved looking at them all and saying their names and what noises they make
he had a blast on the rides
the pony ride was his absolute favorite part
he also loved watching the sea lion show and going down the big yellow slide
and Jon was there with us this year which made it so much better.
We were there from 2:30 to 10:00 p.m. needless to say we had a great day but were toast at the end.
 And I would just like to add that Jon and Kale somehow rigged the yellow slide ride because I was ahead for 3/4 of the way down and somehow on the last bump they passed me... The pictures are proof.
Bunch of cheaters.
The yellow slide is definitely the best part of the day.
Yay for the fair!
And yay for 1. Our best friends Brady and Brooke having their baby arrive!! Sweet little Avery got here at two in the morning, pics to come!
And 2. Yay for our other best friends Jamie and Jordan who got married today! Wohoo! 
Hooray for babies and weddings!

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