Sep 19, 2011

Kale and me

Tonight Jon is in Logan for Jord's bachelor party so me and Kale man have been hanging out  together all night long.
We have had a really great day, me and Kale played outside for over an hour and then we hopped into the hot tub and played for over two hours listening to some Michael Buble and soaking up lots of sunshine. My nosey even got a little red.
(And don't worry the water was only at 90 degrees so no problemo's with little one)
We came inside and hoped into the shower which by the way was the first shower that Kale has taken in a very long time.
When we very first moved in here Jon was in the shower one day and Kale ran in, and slipped and hit his head really hard so he has avoided it ever since then and only takes bath's.
But for some reason today he decided it was alright, and we had a lot of fun splashing around in the shower for 20 minutes.
Soon he's going to start realizing what things are and that mommy has different parts then he does and we won't be able to have showers together anymore.
He's getting so old...
We sure do miss Jonathan though, all night Kale has been calling for daddy and will randomly run out to see if he is outside somewhere.
We are finishing the night by watching Ratatouille and cuddling, a perfect way to end the night if you ask me. 
 The little bump :)
(It's actually a little bigger in this picture because I had just finished eating dinner when I took it)
This part in pregnancy is hard because you can't tell that that's a baby belly and it just looks like I've gained a few pounds in that area.
Good thing I have a lot of loose shirts.
I had a blast playing with my little man today, love you Kale Thomas.

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