Sep 23, 2011


Hola fellow bloggers.
This month has been nuts, and now will continue to be nuts probably well into mid October.
Firstly because we are moving! YAY!
And to boot we are moving in a week and a half now and we haven't packed a single thing :)
Oh joy.
Four moves in three years... I wouldn't reccomend it.
Were getting it down pretty well though.
It shouldn't be too bad of a move, most of our stuff is still in storage and packed away in boxes.
I'm so excited to have our own space again.
Like ecstatic. 
I love my family dont get me wrong, but any married couple that has lived with family at one point knows exactly what I am talking about... It's just better to have your own space.
I am feeling SO much better. I still get sick if I don't eat regularly but I am pretty good about it so it hasn't been bad at all this last week.
Today I am also re-starting on my prenatals.
My doctor told me to stop taking them because that is partially what was making me so sick all the time. 
I get to go see Brady and Brooke's new baby today :) 
Our 3 year anniversary is only a little over a week away
Yes I said 3, I can't really believe it.
We were going to make this year a big deal and go away for a few days but we figured that getting a house will be our anniversary gift instead, which is fine by me.
We find out what we are having in less then two weeks. Ah
We have started potty training... shoot me.
We are actually on hold right now and will probably be till we are moved, I just cannot sit and watch him every second of the day right now, (which is what I was having to do) there is too much to do.
So for now its pull-ups.
Hopefully he will get the hang of it quickly.
We are finally getting Kale's surgery done.
Snip snip time for the Kale man.
 When Kale was born they couldn't circumcise him because he was so little and his body was already under so much stress that they wouldn't do it. We had to wait till he was over 9 months old to get it done and by then he's too old so they have to put him under, which makes it very expensive.
We haven't done it yet because it is considered cosmetic by the insurance companies which means they don't pay a penny for it, so we have to pay all out of pocket. 
And it is not cheap. 
November 1st is his consultation and then we will book the surgery from there.
So if I am mia in blogland for the next little while you understand why :)
Till next time!

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