Aug 28, 2011


Hello blogworld, it's been a while.
I have been MIA for a while now and I have some pretty good excuses as to why that I will be sharing with you soon.
It's just been crazy around here.
But here's a few things that have been going on as of lately.
We just finished the Ferguson reunion last night. 
We went up to snowbird with the fam and had a blast.
I got a new job. (Hallelujah)
Jon has been ridiculously busy, working full time plus over 15 hours of OT this week at XR3D plus who knows how many hours a day at Known.
We are headed up to Bear Lake this weekend and I'm stoked.
Those are just a few things of the craziness that's been going on as of lately, I will post lots and lots of pics very soon and catch up on everything.

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