Aug 30, 2011

Bear Lake

As I told you, we went up to Bear Lake for the weekend a little while ago and I totally spaced posting pics of our weekend.
We had a lot of fun even though we were only able to boat Saturday due to crappy weather.
The water is up so high this year, I haven't seen it like that since I was really little.
We were able to launch the boat from the dock right below the cabin.
Those of you who have been up there understand what I am talking about.
There is only about 15 feet of beach now, it's crazy.
It took us just a couple of tries to get this down, it's super fun.
 That hat was his best friend.
Sunday we took a little drive up to Bloomington Lake. 
It is gorgeous to say the least, and freezing cold.
These pics are only a tiny fraction of the lake but I can't find the rest of them for some reason, so what you see is what you get. :)
We had a ball in Bear Lake and I can't wait to go up again in a few days, cross your fingers that the weather will be better this time around so that we can go boating for more than one day.

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