Aug 18, 2011

killing me softly

The other day, I walked into the computer room to find this.
 Those are grandma's glasses he's sporting, while talking on the phone and holding a pencil.
He then continued to press buttons on the keyboard and click things all over the screen with the mouse like he was doing serious work. 
 It is so fun to watch him do things like that, that no one instigates and that he comes up with all on his own.
Today while brushing our teeth, he decided that he was going to brush his teeth and comb his hair at the same time.
Ya, he's a multi-tasker.
 A few days ago when he woke up from his nap he was very specific on what he wanted and how he wanted things and it went a little like this.
He did NOT want pants on
He wanted his flip flops on however.
He absolutely did NOT want a bum change.
He wanted Londy's sunglasses on.
And he wanted to go outside, the end. 
He was so adamant about this I couldn't help but laugh and except. 
awesome bed head, pink sunglasses, and a right butt cheek hanging out later, we headed outside.
  Check out that get up.
Pretty sweet eh?
Don't worry, I did not take him into public like that. 
If I did I think people would be genuinely concerned. 
Dear Kale, you kill me.
(and I love it)

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