Jun 9, 2011

Random Hikingness

Two Wednesday's ago we decided that we were going to go on a hike even though we were in the middle of packing up our lives, we just needed to get outside.
So we packed up the Kale man and headed up to hike to Elephant Rock.
It was the absolute perfect day to go on a hike, first it was one in the afternoon on a Wednesday which means that it was pretty much empty which was so nice. That trail can get pretty cramped, especially on Saturday's. And second it was about 70 degrees and perfection up there. 
Kale loves being in his little pack, I had gotten it out before we left and he had a serious temper tantrum till I put him in it.
He's pretty studly I know.
So as we are hiking up I was behind Jon and Kale and all of the sudden I see some water dripping down Jon's leg. At the same time I saw this Jon goes "umm why am I wet?"
Well turns out Kale man had apparently drank a lot of water before we left and with the combination of the weird position he was sitting in in the pack there was no where for his pee to go, except for out and all over him and daddy. Luckily we were about a mile from  the top and I have an awesome husband who simple said "oh well there's nothing I can do about it right now" and continued on up the mountain. 
I think I was laughing for ten minutes straight.
Luckily at the last minute before we headed up the trail I grabbed some pants out of Kale's diaper back and put them in the pack just in case. So as soon as we got to the top we put Kale on the bench and changed him. 
Jon and Kale at the top.
I had never been up there before so I went down and climbed up the rock and I must say I am a wee bit proud of myself because I am terrified of heights and climbing up that rock about gave me a freaking heart attack.
 We were feeling pretty good about ourselves that we had made it up to the top and as we were sitting on the benches taking a breather before we headed back down a group came up and they had with them a guy who had to be at least 80 years old...
Seriously the man could barely walk and he made it all the way up there. I couldn't believe it, I would never have taken that guy up there but it sounded like he was the one who wanted to be there. 
I felt pretty lame after that. 
I had Jon give me a turn carrying Kale while we were hiking up... It didn't last very long, I don't know how Jon does it, I had him for maybe a mile and I thought my back was going to break. It was only about 45 pounds with Kale and the stuff we had in it but it was narfin heavy! Props to you serious backpacking people who carry packs of 70 plus pounds, you most certainly have my respect.
 I remember taking this picture and thinking to myself oh look there it is... still forever away... See that tiny little white spec.. ya that's where were headed
 It made me want to go camping so so bad I can't even begin to tell ya. It was so beautiful and so green.
 By about half way down Kale man was done and conked out.
I love that boy
Six miles later we reached the bottom with a sleepy Kale man, pooped mommy and daddy and wet Kale man pants.. again. It was an awesome random hiking day.

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