Jun 3, 2011


Hello blog world!
I figured it was about time for a post, it feels like it's been forever.
We have just been super duper busy moving and trying to get things here settled. 
It really has been fine here so far, I think I worry a bit too much. 
And best thing of all is Kale is absolutely loving having Londyn around to play with all the time.
We were completely moved in, unpacked, and decorated Saturday night, needless to say it was a very long day but I am so glad that we busted our butts to get it all done cause it was so nice to sort of relax the next day.
And I would just like to say a humongous THANK YOU to everyone who helped us move!
Seriously we couldn't have done it without you all and your muscles.
And a special thanks to the Fitz clan for helping so so much throughout the ENTIRE weekend!
 You guys are so amazing thank you so much!
Now I think it would only be fitting to share some photos of where we will be dwelling for the next trek of our little lives.
  That is the connecting bathroom from our bedroom into Kale man's bedroom
 The kitchen is about the same size as our old place which I am so grateful for
Our bedrooms are to the left and the kitchen is at the right
And there you have it.
Tell next time folks.

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