Jun 22, 2011

A New Addition

I have most definitely been shirking on the blog lately.
It's just so hard to sit down on the computer when I could be outside in the sun playing with my little man. 
I will try to be better, I promise.
So in some other news we got a new addition to the Ferg clan! 
Jake and Mindy had their little girl Chloe Friday night and we got to go and see her on Saturday.
She is so stinkin cute, well done you two :)
I would share some pictures with you but the only ones I have of her are on Jon's phone and he's at work.
Why did I not have my camera to document this cute little thang you ask?
We lost our freaking camera charger in the move!
Seriously I am so mad about it I could scream, how the heck does this happen? 
I am having serious camera withdrawls, I hate hate hate taking pictures on phones because I have lost countless photos on phones from them getting ruined or just because I can't get them off the phone. 
Point in case: Kale took a little swim in the hot tub the other day, along with my phone...
See I told ya.
Things like this are regular occurences with my phone(s)
I am so bad at keeping track of my phone.
Luckily it dried out enough that I can turn it on and hopefully be able to get all my pics and videos off of it. 
So goodbye yet another phone, our time together was good.
For now I am using Jon's old phone, I'm just grateful that the day before my phone decided to go for a swim, Jon got a new phone, perfect timing eh?
Hopefully I will be able to track down our charger soon and get to show you all some pics of miss Chloe.
Here is a pic that I totally forgot about that I just cam accross on my parents computer, this was taken at my parents house at Christmas time. I can't believe how much Kale changes in such little time.
Till next time.

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