Jun 23, 2011

long forgotten photos

My mom has a really nice camera that I love to get a hold of and take some pics with but I never get to see them. And there are tons that I just have got to post. So today while Kale man is down for a nap I am going to share some fun photos that are on their computer, and better prepare yourself cause there is a buttload, here ya go.
And they are not in order at all :) sorry didn't feel like taking the time to make it all perty 
Don't mind the boobage, the reason why I put this up is because this is one of the only pics of my and my sister, dumb huh
I love this woman. All through high school we cleaned my dad's office every Saturday, filled with singing at the top of our lungs, watching cops arrest people in the parking lot on many occasions, getting scared to death from the real ghosts that live there.
One of my most absolute favorite places to go, Bear Lake.
Purple hair, that I miss so bad
One of the few photos of me pregnant, we lost most of them in our laptops death and unfortunately in this photo I just look like the blob
 my sweet little man
 One of my bestest best friends that I miss the crap out of
A few engagements and bridal shower pics
  Nasty freaking gum, ugh
 Steen stop being so dang pretty all the freaking time
 He could compete pretty good eh?
 I remember we were all laughing because the nurse came in to hang another bag of something and went hmm.... where should I put it...
And I know I look like death in these hospital photos and I can't believe I'm sharing them with you (there are a bunch I am withholding) but I was very narfin sick mmmk so just don't look too closely mmmk :)
 Excited daddy
 First pic of me and Kale, and first time I got to hold him, about an hour or so after he was born
This is the day Kale got to come home, a month later at a whopping 5 pounds on the dot. That is a preemie outfit and was pretty big on him, I miss my teeny little man :)
 Ok so there are tons more that I really want to share with you all  but I just cannot sit at the computer any longer so thats what you get for now, enjoy. 


  1. loved all of these! kale is such a cutie. these infant pictures of him are just adorable:)

  2. Pretty fun to go down memory lane w/you Em. Thanks for the trip! Luv you guys.. Auntie